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Cubicle Crimes


Cubicle Crimes

Cubicle Crimes

As we all know, any sense of privacy in a cubicle is just an illusion even though we feel it’s ours – we even have a nameplate after all!  Our cube life isn’t our own and should be respected if we want to be taken seriously at work and if we want to keep our jobs.

Here are a few activities that you should avoid doing at your desk:

Clipping or filing your fingernails – just remember all nail clippings do not land magically in your trash can, some make their way over cubicle walls onto your coworkers desk.

Painting or removing nail polish from fingernails – please be aware of the toxic fumes that come from these products since they have a way of permeating walls and knocking out your coworker.

Shaving – no matter how quiet guys think their electric shavers might be, this is still a no-no in your cube.

Tweezing eyebrows – any type of unwanted hair removal should be removed within the confines of your own home.

Flossing your teeth – this is just gross and needs no further explanation.

Preparing food or assembling sandwiches at your desk – no one needs to watch (or smell) you smear mayo on bread and then pile on the deli meat and cheese.

Excessive decorating – skip the over-the-top seasonal decorations like the bobble head pumpkin with glowing eyes and a crazy annoying cackle, the musical holiday chachki that plays “The 12 Days of Christmas” any time someone walks by.

Taking your shoes off – this can be embarrassing to the person removing their shoes if they have a “foot odor” problem and annoying to the person in the next cubicle – keep your shoes on.

Buying or selling in the office – no EBay-ing!

No online dating sites – leave the “wink” checking at home.

No talking in “code” or whispering – talking too loud is just as obnoxious.

Keep your personal life at home – crying at your desk or punching walls because your angry are unacceptable workplace behavior.

No personal photo shoots – that guy you met last night wants a photo of you at work so you’re just going to take one quick photo and send it to him but one turns into twenty because you can’t get the right angle – another no-no.

Don’t come to work sick – do everyone a favor and stay home when you’re running a 103 temp and your sneezing and coughing every five seconds.

No leftovers left on the desk – this is unsanitary and will cause all kinds of rodent problems.

Talking to yourself excessively – have you ever had a coworker sit in the cube next to you who talks to themselves all day?  Not cool.

Taking naps at work – snoring and drooling on your desk are not allowed.

No hanky-panky – for those of you who do not know what that word means – it means no grubbing with your honey in your cubicle.  Rude and crude!

Don’t use curse words – we all have our “go to” curse word but these and other colorful expletives should be kept out of the workplace.

Spending too much time on Facebook – Twitter – etc. – Checking your Facebook page twenty times a day or leaving your chat feature open all day will only get you in trouble since most workplaces have the ability to “see” what you’re looking at, where you’re spending your time and how much time you’re online.

When it comes to the do’s and don’ts of cubicle life, common sense should be your guide.  We all have that little voice that says, “Maybe I shouldn’t be doing this.”  Listen to it!

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