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How To Set Up A Conference Room


How To Set Up A Conference Room

How To Set Up A Conference Room

Does your company have an effective conference room? The company conference room is a powerful room that should inspire collaboration, a room that affords privacy for productive team meetings, and a room to complete projects, launch products and increase sales. Your conference room design, decor and functionality will influence how people view your company. Think about the image you want to your conference room to convey. Is your business a small, trendy, cutting-edge company, a fast-paced retail business or an old-school enterprise with 100 years of corporate history? No matter the size and scope of your business it is important to design a conference room that is effective.

First, determine the maximum capacity of individuals who will be attending meetings. Have you ever attended a meeting in a cramped, claustrophobic conference room that made you feel as though you couldn’t wait to for the meeting to end?!  It’s hard to be productive in a stifling environment.  In designing your conference room, make sure there is ample room for attendees to get up and move around. There may be times when it is advantageous to break up into smaller conversational groups during the meeting. Don’t cram too many chairs around the conference room table that stack people elbow to elbow. Comfort is important in the design elements you choose. Chairs in particular should be lightweight for portability with cushioned upholstery and back supports.

Second, conference rooms of today are far from the conference rooms your parents sat in. Twenty-five years ago, audio/visual equipment didn’t get much more high-tech than an overhead projector.  Today, though, it’s a different story. Conference rooms are equipped with the very latest modern technology designed to foster communication, organization, and brainstorming.  Professionally install voice, data, and video in the room using a structured cabling service. Otherwise, your systems may malfunction and interrupt the flow. White boards with erasable markers have long been conference room staples, but you can also install “smart boards” or electronic whiteboards that save the information you mark down into digital files, eliminating the need for transcribing during the meeting.

Thirdly, your conference room design should be comfortable and free of distractions. Keep the room clean, tie up loose cords, and fix wobbly tables, all of which can distract people from the task at hand.  Provide natural light to create an open and airy feeling, especially important during long meetings. Install manually adjusted horizontal or vertical blinds for use during slide shows or video presentations. Conference room design should include adjustable ambient and accent lighting for use during darker hours.

ROSI Office Systems knows the success of your organization depends on your ability to communicate and present information effectively. Conference rooms are the communication centers of a business and must be large enough, equipped with the right tools and comfortable enough to have effective discussions.  If you are ready for a conference room makeover,contact ROSI, Inc today for a free consultation.


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