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How To Survive The Open Office


How To Survive The Open Office

an introverts guide to the open office

How To Survive The Open Office Infographic

Employers are embracing the open office because it’s so cost-effective, but are they forgetting a large portion of their workforce in the design? Follow this infographic for ways to survive the open office and keep your focus.

Survival Tips:

  • Take several breaks throughout the day and get outside.
  • Use headphones to signal that you are involved in your work. Music is optional and noise-cancelling is highly recommended.
  • Meditate! Carve out a quiet corner or office for some meditation.
  • If all else fails and you cannot cope with the new open office design, take your suggestions to Human Resources.

Be sure to read through this informative “How To Survive The Open Office infographic” for tips from the introvert’s perspective, as well as helpful suggestions for the employer in order to provide a healthy and productive office environment for everyone. An Embed code is located below the infographic.


An introvert's guide to surviving the open office

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