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Increasing Workspace Functionality with Ergonomic Office Accessories


Increasing Workspace Functionality with Ergonomic Office Accessories

Increasing Workspace Functionality with Ergonomic Office Accessories

Why is Ergonomics Important?

Nearly a third of employee injury and illness is related to musculoskeletal disorders (MDS) such as pains and strains of the lower back, neck, arms and wrists.  In fact, MDS is the leading cause of non-productivity in the workplace, more so even than time spent playing around on Facebook and YouTube during work hours.

But work-related MSDs can be prevented by applying ergonomic tools and practices to the workplace.  Ergonomics is defined as “the applied science of equipment design, as for the workplace, intended to maximize productivity by reducing operator fatigue and discomfort.”

Countless studies and articles have been published proving that equipping employees with proper equipment to reduce MDS and fatigue increases productivity and reduces sick time which in turn makes companies more profitable.

Ergonomic Office Accessories Increase Comfort and Productivity

From inexpensive foot rests to the latest mechanical keyboards, ergonomic office accessories to increase employee comfort, satisfaction and productivity are readily available.  Let’s look at a few of your options.

Keyboard Trays
The ideal position to reduce fatigue and injury is to have the arm bent at a 90 degree angle when working on a keyboard.  When a keyboard is sitting on the desktop, it’s impossible to achieve the optimal arm positioning unless the chair is adjusted abnormally low which would lead to back and neck strain.  A keyboard tray solves this problem by attaching to the desk and then adjusting out and down to the desired and most comfortable position for the worker.

Keyboard Touch Pad
Repeatedly removing the hand from the keyboard and over to an external mouse and then manipulating the mouse is a common cause of carpal tunnel syndrome.  Many laptop computers utilize a touch pad to allow the user to move the cursor across the screen without the need of an external mouse.  Now desktop computer keyboards are available with these built-in touch pads which provide the necessary cursor movement while the hands remain on the keyboard and in a more relaxed position.

Mechanical Keyboards
Most computer keyboards have a low profile and a smooth and silent touch.  These are the most inexpensive to manufacture.  Mechanical keyboards provide users with both tactile and audible feedback which helps increase typing accuracy.  More important is that keys on a mechanical keyboard require less pressure to depress which can help alleviate repetitive stress in the wrists.

Adjustable Monitor Arm
Viewing a monitor at a 90 degree angle is the most ergonomically correct position.  When a monitor sits on the desktop it is rarely at this position.  An adjustable monitor arm allows the user to easily raise, lower and move the depth positioning to the optimal viewing location.  An added benefit is that it is just as simple to move the monitor out of the way to provide more desk space.

Desk Lighting
Headaches developed in the office are often caused by light glare on the monitor.  Avoiding this glare is often accomplished by awkwardly adjusting the chair to an uncomfortable position.  While an adjustable monitor arm can move the monitor to prevent the light reflections, adding desk lighting helps illuminate the work area to help avoid eye strain.

Foot Rest
A simple foot rest helps workers elevate their legs allowing for better seating posture.  This promotes better circulation while lessening fatigue.

ROSI Office Systems, with locations in Houston, San Antonio and Austin, Texas, can help you equip your office with ergonomic office accessories, furniture and solutions to help your employees enjoy comfort while you enjoy their productivity.  Contact us today and we’ll help take you through a needs analysis process and then provide you with a proposal for best-in-class office furniture, accessories and design solutions.

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