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It's Monday - Time For More Office Dogs And Office Cats


It’s Monday – Time For More Office Dogs And Office Cats

It’s Monday – Time For More Office Dogs And Office Cats

I don’t know about you but it’s raining AGAIN and I feel like Monday has hit me in the head with a hammer. I just don’t do cloudy all that well so I’m going to make my own sunshine in the office with this week’s installation of office dogs and office cats. And, if your boss catches you looking at these adorable assistants at the office, just tell him you are seeking inspiration to develop that incredible, million-dollar project. Okay? Let’s do this!


Monday’s are like…

A photo posted by Brittney Hippensteel (@britthipp) on

The Doodle has spoken! The office today requires extra doses of cute.



Welcome to the @flagology customer service desk. May I help you? #flagology #pets #officetakeover A photo posted by Flagology (@flagology) on

I’m not sure how well this employee would listen, but who cares? Once the purring starts, it’s over!

Seriously? Who could even be grumpy after looking at this face? Well done on your new-hire.

As an Equal Opportunity Employer, ROSI Office Systems knows the value of the four-legged in an office environment. From lowering stress to generally creating good vibes all around, office dogs and office cats add an important function to the office environment.  Do you have an office dog or office cat to share with us @rosi_office? If so log into Instagram and use #ROSI.



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