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Office Desk Trends Happening Now


Office Desk Trends Happening Now

Office Desk Trends Happening Now

The corporate office is evolving. More and more, emphasis is shifting from colorless, uncomfortable and downright unhealthy office desks to flexible office desks that allows for multiple positions throughout the day. At least this is the case for companies seeking ways to get more from their employees. Creating a place where the numbers-crunchers are investing in their employee’s comfort, well-being and health creates bottom line rewards such as higher productivity, less turnover costs, attracting top talent and a reduction in employee absence–just to name a few.


1. Homey Office Furniture –

At Neocon 2015, the office furniture industry’s premier event, West Elm, along with Inscape, showcased a line of corporate office furniture called West Elm Workspace which looks quite similar to their already successful in-home furniture brand. Earning three awards, the idea is to bring the comforts of home interiors such as warm woods and comfortable desks and seating into the corporate office. By doing so, employees and guests alike feel the warmth and relaxation of a cozy office environment that almost hugs you.

In a recent article by Briana Crandall from, West Elm President Jim Brett said “There is an increasing desire for meaningful change in the way that offices are designed — and this doesn’t just apply to businesses in the creative sector,” said Jim Brett, President of West Elm. “The ability to truly personalize a workspace of any size based on needs like style, function, productivity and collaboration, is missing from the office furnishings market. Our partnership with Inscape and the forthcoming launch of West Elm Workspace will change this, giving businesses of all sizes the ability to design an ideal and differentiated workspace.”


2. Standing Office Desks –

You’ve certainly heard the news…seating all day in the same position is literally killing us. From increased blood pressure to diabetes, it’s time to take a stand and move while you work. There are many options in all price ranges. From electronically adjustable desks to manual, the standing office desk is seen more and more right beside the traditional sitting desk. By offering both options to an employee or work group, it encourages more movement throughout the day which increases blood flow, calories burned and more. If you are adjusting the desk infrequently, the most affordable option is a manual. However, if a work group is sharing the standing desk, opt for an electronically adjustable height desk. Manual desks typically start at around $300 while electronic starts at around $600.

3. Sit-to-Stand Office Desktops

ROSI Office Systems, Inc.Personally, I use a Sit-to-Stand office desktop that fits right on my existing desk. It has a large work surface along with a raised monitor stand and sits easily on top of my desk with no needed hardware to affix it. It is sturdy but also comes with an extra support arm that fits underneath if you are a powerful typist and can sense any movement. This desktop lets me adjust into different positions throughout the day. I typically start my day seated in order to enjoy a cup of coffee. I will stand for a couple of hours and sit until lunch. After lunch, it’s rinse and repeat. Another benefit is the flexibility this type of work surface offers companies that want to try the sit-to-stand options before investing.

Adjustable desktops are quite affordable and start at just $200 but BEWARE of the flimsy, cheap and unstable. Do your research before buying. I have used the Kangaroo Pro Junior Ergo Desktop and it is a sturdy workhorse.




4. Treadmill Office Desks

I purchased a treadmill desk using my FSA funds with a note from my doctor. After using the treadmill desk for about a year, I noted a couple of things. Firstly, the treadmill desk is not meant for excercise. If you think you’ll be ‘working out’ while working, you have missed the point. The treadmill desk is meant to incorporate movement into your workday. I usually worked at .4 to .8 mph which will hardly give me an excuse not to go to the gym. But, that is exactly what the treadmill desk is designed for. By working with movement, you are burning more calories, increasing circulation and, after awhile, you forget you are moving.

If you are someone that can move and work, the treadmill desk is a great addition to the office. But, keep in mind, by offering a variety of options for your employees, you will create a work environment that is fun, productive and attractive.

ROSI Office Systems, Inc. is a provider of ‘work fit’ products like the desks above. Contact us and we will find the best office desk(s) to fit your employees’ needs.


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