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Office Productivity Tips From The Pros


Office Productivity Tips From The Pros

Office Productivity Tips From The Pros

Office productivity is one of those topics we could talk about for days. Everyone wants to be more efficient and waste less time at work. What’s the secret?

While there’s no magic fix, there are some simple changes you can make to be more productive during the day.

Tackle Your Voicemails

For some people, returning a pile of voicemails is a daunting task – especially if you hate talking on the phone. But, avoiding them until the end of the day or letting them accumulate over a couple of days will only make things worse. Start your day by returning those calls, and check that item off your to-do list! Here’s another tip: stand while talking on the phone. You’ll actually spend less time on the call and get to the point faster.

Tame Your Email

If your computer or phone makes a little noise to alert you to new emails, turn that off! Checking email constantly throughout the day distracts you from other tasks. Try only checking your email at certain intervals. That way you can have an hour or two to focus on handling one job before another pops up – literally.

Curb Social Media Habits

While you may be allowed to check Facebook and other social media at work, reserve those activities for short breaks or lunch. It’s easy to lose a lot of time constantly checking updates. You may also be tempted to check social media as a way of avoiding other unpleasant tasks. This isn’t much of a revelation, but stick to work activities at work.

Get Moving

Whether you’re stuck on a problem, feeling eye strain from staring at a screen, or just plain losing focus, get up and take a quick walk. Do some deskercise or stretching. Moving will re-energize you and help you get back to your task.

None of us want to work overtime or put things off until tomorrow! Employing these simple tips can help you make the most of your work day.

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