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The Importance of Professional Installation for Corporate Office Furniture


The Importance of Professional Installation for Corporate Office Furniture

The Importance of Professional Installation for Corporate Office Furniture

Once you have invested time and money into your new office furniture, what is the best way to install it when it arrives? While you might be tempted to treat this as a DIY job, professional installation of corporate office furniture in Houston is truly the only way to guarantee the perfect results. There are a more than a few reasons why you’ll want to let the pros handle this instead of putting in extra hours on the weekend.

Office Furniture Assembly

It’s easy to visualize the final look of your office with our space planning and design services. But, there are several steps to take between conceptualization and the finished office project. Corporate office furniture in Houston is delivered in pieces and must be assembled on site. This is a much more involved project than putting together an IKEA bookshelf!

Take cubicles for instance. While assembly instructions are provided with delivery, it can take much longer for an inexperienced person to decipher the order of assembly and to ultimately to get the job done. A professional installation team has years of experience assembling cubicles of all types. Plus, they bring all the necessary tools.

Avoiding Costly Damage

One wrong move while shuffling boxes, and you can end up with dented or scratched furniture. Or worse, the damage could render your brand new piece completely inoperable. Our professional installation team has years of experience moving furniture in and out of all types of spaces. We take great care while installing your office furniture in Houston. But, in the case of an accident, your investment will be protected by working with a fully licensed and insured company.

Reduce Down Time

Experienced professional installation of office furniture in Houston also reduces your down time. Assembling a few office chairs may not seem too difficult, but large jobs or full office projects can have you bogged down in assembly for days or weeks. As the time goes on, the chances of misplacing pieces or hardware increases. Cubicle installation involves many detailed steps which must be done in a certain order to get the best results. Don’t prolong your downtime trying to figure this out for the first time! Our team will get you up and running in your new office as quickly and efficiently as possible. Let us handle the installation while you run your business.

As you can see, there are plenty of benefits to having corporate office furniture in Houston professionally installed. But even more importantly- it saves you from costly mistakes. That’s why here at ROSI our project planning services include everything from consultation, design, and ordering to final installation and clean up. Deciding to invest in an office overhaul is a big decision, so let us help. Over 25 years of experience with designing and installing offices means you’ll be working in your new office as soon as possible. Still curious about the benefits of working with a professionals? You can always contact us to discuss your project with no obligation.


Office Furniture Budget Calculator

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