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Versatile Office Design: KI's MyPlace Lounge Collection


Versatile Office Design: KI’s MyPlace Lounge Collection

Versatile Office Design: KI’s MyPlace Lounge Collection

Taking on a new office design renovation can feel overwhelming. It’s an investment of time and money, so you want to make the best decision for your space. Versatile, mix and match furniture adapts to a variety of settings and makes a smart choice for any office. That’s why we love the MyPlace Lounge Collection from KI!

Design Your Own

The MyPlace collection includes 11 pieces with custom fabric and finishes that allow you to create nearly endless layout options. Plus, each piece is available in standard size and junior size – perfect for schools or offices that see children. To further customize your design, choose from three base options: concealed glides, feet, and casters. Arrange your collection in a lounge, entry or waiting area, or even in a meeting space.

Functional and Durable

All parts of the MyPlace Lounge Collection are lightweight and easy to move around. You can change your space to fit your needs on demand. At the same time, KI chooses high quality, durable materials. Every piece is sturdy enough for a 400lb rating!


KI’s commitment to sustainable building is impressive. Where possible, they use materials with recycled content as well as renewable products like cork and soy. A Design for the Environment (DFE) analysis is done for each new product being considered. KI takes the environmental impact of building seriously Everything from minimizing waste to conserving water and energy factors into the process of development.

The KI MyPlace Lounge collection is a versatile option for your next office design that you can feel good about choosing. But going through the process of picking office furniture in Houston for your space doesn’t have to induce a panicked state! ROSI can help you navigate those decisions. We have been working with creative, environmentally responsible companies for over 20 years. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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