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Increase Productivity By Making Friends At Work


Increase Productivity By Making Friends At Work

Increase Productivity By Making Friends At Work

Think friendliness at the office is a distraction or a waste of time? Think again! Studies show that friendships at work actually increase productivity!

Workplace friendships impact employees on many levels, so fostering a team atmosphere benefits everyone involved. It’s a natural tendency to find connection with those whom you spend a lot of time with – 40+ hours a week! Instead of resisting those tendencies, embrace them! The benefits of a friendly office far outweigh the risks here.

Employee Satisfaction

Developing friendships at the office contributes heavily to employee satisfaction. In fact, people who have a good friend at work are over 20% more satisfied with their job. They feel invested in the company and work harder. Job performance increases as well as productivity.

71 percent of the employees who have a good friend at work feel a sense of belonging to the company they currently work.

Plus – it goes beyond the office. A whopping 81% of people who have a close friend at work feel more satisfied with their lives overall!

Employee Retention

Creating a close knit team as part of your office culture has the added benefit of aiding in employee retention. Because these relationships have such a huge impact on your daily lives, 25% of people would leave the company if their friend also left. Losing a friend at work often causes a period of bereavement. Heavy focus on the social lives of your employees shouldn’t be the main priority, but it definitely contributes to someone’s decisions to stay or go.

Encouraging employees to connect over lunch, through workplace events/activities, or with team projects, you can facilitate these friendships. Lounge spaces with coffee, tea, and community tables help employees relax and can also foster connection. There is no doubt that developing meaningful relationships at work makes a huge difference both personally and professionally.


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