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What Are Architectural Products?


What Are Architectural Products?

What Are Architectural Products?

You may not have heard this term before, but chances are you’ve encountered some architectural products before at an office, or even a restaurant! These types of products include acoustic panels, demountable walls and partitions, and commercial flooring. Basically, architectural products modify the physical office space. They add both visual interest and function, and are critical to any good office design.

Acoustic Panels

Acoustic panels are textile products that reduce noise. But these panels aren’t like the ones you might remember from 20 years ago. Now, they also double as beautiful art. Acoustic panels come in dozens of colors, shapes, and styles to compliment your office design. Hang them on ceilings, walls, or as a partition. You’ll get all the benefits of a more quiet space – plus a modern art installation. 

If your company is green/LEED certified, you might be interested in environmentally friendly options. For example, some Unikavaev acoustic products are made with recycled material. Plus, they are lightweight and easy to install. 

Walls and Partitions

Has your completely open floor plan left you with a need for some private spaces? Consider adding demountable walls or partitions to your office. These architectural products are easy to install with no mess or downtime like traditional drywall. Create areas within your open office for meetings or more focused work. Need a place for weekly video/teleconferencing? Demountable walls can be completely customized to your space. Choose clear or frosted glass, vinyl, fabric, or even writable surfaces. These panels provide the same level of sound privacy as drywall but cost less. Plus, they are reusable. And, you can move them as your needs change or take them with you if you move offices. 

Commercial Flooring

Flooring is also considered an architectural product and should be considered a major part of your office design. The right flooring makes an impressive visual impact, but it also has to be functional for the type of use it will get in your office. The major types of commercial flooring are carpet, vinyl, and laminate. All commercial flooring is made to be durable, but certain materials are easier to clean or may work better with your furniture. Regardless of the type you choose, the options for style, color, and pattern are seemingly endless now! You’ll find something to suit your needs at varying price points, which makes stylish and affordable commercial flooring a possibility for almost any budget. 

The innovation in architectural products in the last 10 years has been incredible! But, too many choices can be a little overwhelming – almost as paralyzing as too little choices. Maybe you don’t know where to start. Did you know that ROSI can help you determine which architectural products will work best for your office? We find the right solutions to enhance your space and improve function, whether it’s creating more privacy or reducing noise. ROSI offers free consultations, so reach out today and we’ll discuss your needs and how to make your office design work better for you. 


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