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What Does Your Company's Office Furniture Style Say?


What Does Your Company’s Office Furniture Style Say?

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What Does Your Company’s Office Furniture Style Say?

When a client walks through your door, your office furniture and style speaks volumes before anyone even says “hello.” You are judged on the look and feel within the first five seconds of arrival. Are you ready to be judged? Does your style send the right message? Are you conveying all you want through the style of your office furniture? What message does a contemporary, modern, traditional or transitional style send?

Garage Sale Office Furniture

No matter the style, used and worn out office furniture portrays the exact same image to your potential client. It’s okay if you found an office desk and credenza at a used furniture retailer. The condition of the pieces, however, lets the customer know that you don’t care much for details. Be sure the furniture is also the right size for the space. It’s definitely not okay to have furniture squeezed into an office space. Your work area should be clean and the space should have plenty of room to move about and be comfortable.

Traditional Office Furniture

Rich, elegant and sturdy are just some of the descriptive words associated with traditional furniture. With mahogany reds and deep brown, claw feet and intricately carved wood, traditional furniture says your company is here to stay. You run a sensible and strategic business which is showcased in the rich wood and jewel tones. Traditional is a timeless style, but, be sure you have enough space to display those extra large furniture pieces proportionately.


First let’s set the record straight on the difference between modern and contemporary furniture. According to, Modern is furniture that was created in the contemporary style of the mid-century (1920’s to 1950’s). It is a defined style and does not change. Contemporary is furniture that is currently trending right now. What is popular currently, you ask? Well, funny enough, it is furniture with a whole bunch of mid-century MODERN influences. So, one could say that Modern furniture is also Contemporary (at the moment).

If your office has a trendy, modern/contemporary aesthetic, clients assume you are the idea generators. Your creativity is showcased through the clean office furniture pieces, but a retro twist (modern) brings on a nostalgic feeling for a bygone era. Your company is driven to create new and bold products or ventures, however, looking back to the past for inspiration is a necessity, at times.

Whatever office furniture in Houston style you choose will speak loudly to the clients and co-workers coming through your doors. It’s best to consult with an interior designer in order to convey the right message and in a tasteful way. First impressions are key to creating a solid business relationship and how your business looks matters.

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