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What is the most important role in an office?


What is the most important role in an office?

workstationsOur work environment plays one of the most important roles in every office and let’s be honest; can make or break our decision to stay.

In the U.S. alone, there are 1 million more job openings than unemployed workers. Retention is difficult because many workers are looking for better pay, healthier environments, less stress, and the ability to have a life outside of their job. Recruiting and retaining the best talent, goes far beyond salary. Millennials are looking for that perfect fit and tend to move around until they find it. What they see when they walk in the door can make a lasting impression.

Space planning along with office design should be structured in a way that creates comfort and enhances the ability to perform our daily tasks. Productivity also begins with our surroundings. With many employees working forty hours (or more), our surroundings best serve all involved when they give the impression of comfort while enhancing productivity. Companies are now hiring space planners for their expertise with corporate office furniture in Houston and creating productive office environments.

Here are some of the top suggestions when looking to create the perfect work environment for recruiting and retaining top talent.

office lightingTIP #1

Where an employee sits or stands all day is a huge priority. In today’s office furniture market there are many ergonomic options for chairs, keyboards and desks available. One chair does NOT fit all! A poorly designed chair can cause pain and health issues. Having a trusted work-space consultant comes in handy to help create a spaces for everyone’s needs. At ROSI, our work-space consultants are uniquely qualified and trained to help in all office furniture endeavors, including ergonomic design.

TIP #2

Proper Lighting is a must. If possible, natural lighting is the best as sunlight has a huge impact on our health. One tip is to try and create space around open window areas. Workstations can be set up openly with opaque rather than darker partitions. If window areas aren’t available, use a soft daylight color as it is closer to natural sunlight. With the importance lighting plays, it is wise for many corporate offices to include professional lighting installation into their commercial office spaces. If natural lighting is not available, corporations must go the extra mile to incorporate proper light fixtures

workstation acoustics collaborative areaTIP #3

Create work areas for when employees need to work collaboratively versus individually. Office disruptions play a huge role in an employee’s productivity. Incorporating proper collaborative area helps assuage these disruptions. While some employees can multi-task and work in hectic areas, there are those that cannot function and think with office chatter. Acoustical panels are another great office furniture piece that can add to the ambiance of the corporate office environment and diminish a large majority of this noise.

The saying ‘Our first impressions are lasting impressions’, is very true. What employers show to potential employees in that first meeting, can and will be a deciding factor in how that potential employee proceeds.

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