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What You Can Do To Avoid Germs in Your Home Office Furniture Houston

cleaning laptop with disinfecting wipe What You Can Do To Avoid Germs in Your Home Office

What You Can Do To Avoid Germs in Your Home Office Furniture Houston

You may have spent the past few months working remotely from your home office furniture in Houston. Still, as companies return to business as usual, you may be concerned about cleanliness and safety in the workplace. With good hygiene practices, you can stay safe and healthy, even when you leave your home and go to the office. These tips should keep you and your colleagues productive and germ-free when you are in a company office setting.

Keep Your Distance

An open office concept can lead to easier transmission of germs, especially if people come and go right next to your desk. Maintaining an appropriate distance from other workers is a natural way to prevent the spread of disease. Hopefully, your employer has enough room to keep desks further apart for everyone’s protection. Cubicles are another smart way to promote working from a safe distance. Not only can they define a clear workspace for you, but they can also incorporate modern home office furniture and storage options for a professional feel.

Wash Your HandsWash Your Hands

This suggestion is just another reminder that cleanliness always comes back to effective hand washing. Make sure you wash your hands any time you come in contact with shared surfaces, from office equipment to door handles. Washing your hands throughout the day can control germ spread, and all it takes is good old soap and water to do the trick. Employers may already have signage encouraging frequent hand washing, but workers should ensure they lather and rinse for at least 20 seconds to kill bacteria and viruses. Hand sanitizer can work in a pinch but is not a replacement for washing your hands.

Clean Your Desk and Other Home Office Furniture Houston

No matter how often you wash your hands, you may still catch germs if the surfaces you touch are not also cleaned. Make time to wipe down surfaces at the very least when you arrive at work, but a few times spread through the workday is even better. Concentrate on those areas that get frequent use, especially keyboards, light switches, chairs, armrests, and drawer pulls. If you share equipment, such as staplers or phones, target those items with disinfecting wipes or spray to kill germs on contact.

Cover Your Mouth

By now, everyone should know how to cover noses and mouths to limit respiratory droplets from transmitting disease, but as a reminder, please cover your face when you sneeze or cough. A tissue is ideal because you can toss it in the trash after you have used it, but if you have nothing sanitary in your workspace, use your elbow rather than your hand to catch moisture. After coughing and sneezing, you should wash your hands again.

Skip Your Trip

Any time you go away for work-related travel, you may encounter new germs, which you then take back home with you. Without traveling, you can avoid any potential contagions that may be present in a new environment. With video conferencing becoming easier and more accessible, you may be able to put off some work travel or cancel it altogether. It can also save you from the possibility of a lengthy self-quarantining period after your trip.

Work From Your HomeWork From Your Home

You have probably gotten used to working remotely, and if you are lucky, so has your employer. Ask if you can continue working out of your home as often as possible. Having a dedicated space with modern home office furniture makes it easy to stay productive and tune into important conference calls and meetings when you are not in the office. Many employers see the value of working remotely on at least a part-time basis, especially with the effort to maintain physical distances and to avoid passing around germs.

Take your health and safety seriously by creating the perfect work environment with modern home office furniture to inspire you and give you ample room and storage. ROSI Office Systems provides you with quality furniture to fit your needs for both home and company use. Contact us online to learn more about our services and selection. If you prefer, call us at (713) 766-5722 to speak with one of our representatives or to schedule a free consultation.


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What You Can Do To Avoid Germs in Your Home Office Furniture Houston | ROSI Office Systems Inc. – Houston, TX

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