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Which Cubicle Personality Are You?


Which Cubicle Personality Are You?

Which Cubicle Personality Are You?

Making your cubicle and workspace more like home is normal considering each week you spend close to 25 percent of your time in the office. With that much time invested, your cubicle workspace and desk tends to develop a personality that somehow reflects you in one way or another. And just as in life, no two personalities are exactly alike.

Which cubicle personality best describes YOUR office space?

The Neat Freak:  The neat freak’s desk is perfect.  Their monitor is clean, their keyboards are blown free of particles and if there is any paper, it is stacked in neat and tidy piles.  Everything polished and in place.

Beware:  The neat freak requires things to be done their own way and at their own rapid pace.  They cannot handle anything less than perfection so working with them and under their requirements can be challenging.  If you are a neat freak, be sure to allow for collaboration with your colleagues to ensure a good working relationship.

The Disaster:  The disaster’s desk is a mess of unorganized chaos.  Coffee stains on the desks, overflowing trash bins, abandoned random papers, day-old half-eaten food, and usually….action figures.

Beware:  This person is a disorganized mess and late for everything.  However, they tend to be creative and better at improvisation especially when chaos strikes.  If you are a disaster, take care in making sure you are prepared and on time for meetings.  Having some modicum of organization will help you better stay on task.

The Dreamer: The dreamer’s cubicle shows off their latest adventure or pictures reminisce the hot island sand that they enjoyed several weeks ago.

Beware: The dreamer’s head is always in the clouds.  Be sure if you are displaying pictures that you do so in moderation.  Otherwise you send a message to others that you’d rather be somewhere else. Having a photo or two of your trip is fine, it even makes an excellent conversation starter, just beware of going over board.

The Ghost: The ghost’s cubicle has no decorations. Their desk features a computer, mouse and 2 pens – the ultimate minimalist.

Beware: The ghost likes a sterile environment and not a fan of socializing.  This lack of personalization leaves others asking, “does anyone actually work here?” By not adding any personal touches, not only will you miss out on starting relationships with your coworkers, but it also appears like you’re hesitant to settle in. A desk that is not personal gives others a message that you could be searching for work elsewhere.

The Germaphobe: In the germaphobe’s cubicle, you’ll find tissues, an air purifier, an oversized bottle of hand sanitizer and vitamin C.

Beware: The germaphobe is anxious about others and will call in sick (even to avoid working with others that are sick) often. If you take a daily vitamin to ward off germs, keep your bottles tucked away. While it is perfectly acceptable to have sanitizers and tissues handy for those co-workers that insist on coming to work sick, just keep their presence mild.

The Zen Master: Fish tanks or fountains, a miniature Zen garden and a yoga mat surround The Zen master’s cubicle.

Beware: The Zen master thrives on the sound of a fountain at their desk, or appreciates the motivational poster hanging on the wall to keep them moving through the workweek. If you are surrounding yourself with these items, others may see you as too laid back. Being laid back can be a bad thing sometimes especially if you are in a profession that relies on meeting tight deadlines.  Be sure to keep alert to the needs of the business.

Don’t be afraid to personalize your own cubicle, it’s important to feel comfortable and happy at work. Just keep everything in moderation. A little bit of your personality will go a long way.

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