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How Your Business Can Qualify For The Section 179 Tax Deduction in 2018 ROSI Office Systems, Inc

year end tax savings on office furniture

How Your Business Can Qualify For The Section 179 Tax Deduction in 2019

year end savings tipsThe 2019 Section 179 tax deduction is a popular way for small businesses to write off large purchases of new and used (must be new to them) office furniture all within the year the office furniture was put into use. 
-Companies may not write off more than their taxable income.

-The deduction phases out dollar-for-dollar once you have spent $2.5 million.

-You may deduct up to $1 million. 

-Office furniture must be installed by 12/31/2019.

-Equipment purchases over $1 million may qualify for bonus depreciation. 

-A cash purchase, finance agreement or capital lease all qualify for Section 179.

Tangible Goods That Qualify:

  • New and Used Business Equipment
  • Technology
  • Office Furniture
  • Off The Shelf Software
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • More

You Can Check Here To See If Your Purchases Qualify.

Deduction Calculator

Why Choose ROSI?

ROSI offers customers new furniture, remanufactured and rental and leasing options, as well as financing. Our financing payment options will make your office furniture purchase affordable and deductible! We have programs for commercial businesses, non-profits, city, county and state governments.  Programs for A, B and C credits are also available.




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