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7 Key Pieces of Office Furniture Every Office Needs


7 Key Pieces of Office Furniture Every Office Needs

Office Furniture

7 Key Pieces of Office Furniture Every Office Needs


Are you a new startup looking for the best way to outfit your office for success? Or, an established business looking to make a change in your space? We’ve taken our years of experience as office design experts and compiled a list of the most necessary office furniture. These pieces work together to create a highly functional and productive office environment.

1 – Executive Desking

Executive Desking
Madera by Indiana Furniture

Executive desking most often describes a suite of furniture for private or semi-private offices. These pieces typically have a larger footprint and optional accessory furniture like bookshelves and hutches. Many of the executive furniture lines feature modular components, so you can create a completely custom look. A range of styles is available now from traditional to modern to suit any office style.



2 – Reception Desking

reception desking
Aura by Indiana Furniture

Reception furniture plays a critical role in your business- it’s the first impression people get when they step inside your office. Look around. Is your waiting area a hodge-podge of furniture collected over the years? Don’t underestimate the power of creating a reception area that really speaks to your brand and company culture.  

3 – Lounge Area

office lounge furniture
River by Global Furniture

Every office needs a space to unwind during the day – whether it’s a short 5-minute coffee break or lunch with a coworker. Taking breaks during the day improves productivity, so it’s definitely something that should be encouraged by offering an enticing lounge area. We think the best lounges are ones that offer a variety of seating – a soft couch for instance as well as tables and chairs. But, the details depend on your specific needs. Try asking your employees what they would like to have access to!

4 – Collaborative Space

collaborative office furniture
KickStart by Indiana Furniture

It’s well documented now that most companies benefit from the collaboration between employees. In a traditional cubicle setting, this can be hard. That’s why having a designated area for open discussion can be really helpful. The feel of this space can be more professional or casual depending on your company. Collaborative office furniture in Houston ranges in style, and there are plenty of ways to design a custom area that works for your employees. A couple of points to keep in mind: built-in electrical/charging outlets are a great feature to look for, as well as privacy dividers.


5 – Breakroom Furniture

office breakroom furniture
Duet by Global Furniture

Breakrooms are similar to a lounge area, but more useful if you’re short on space and don’t have room for a lounge. Office breakroom furniture often includes a small kitchen and dining area. You’ll want to have a few places to sit as well as some storage for kitchen items. Stacking or nesting chairs make a great choice for these areas because you can store extras out of the way.

6 – Office Seating

office conference chair
Luray by Global Furniture

Office seating includes task chairs, executive chairs, and conference room chairs (if needed). Focus on versatile options like fully ergonomic task chairs that can easily be adjusted for different users. Executive and conference chairs are more expensive because they offer more features and high-end finishes. Other seating choices like stools and motion-style leaning chairs are great additions to prioritize activity throughout the day.

7- Storage Spaces

office storage
9300 Series by Global Furniture

Every office needs storage. Whether you choose a filing cabinet and drawers or hutches and shelves, there are plenty of options available now. Most manufacturers make standalone units as well as storage designed to be integrated into workstations.



Feeling overwhelmed by choice? ROSI can help. We specialize in working with our customers to identify their unique needs, then building a furnishing and design plan based on their budget. With over 25 years of experience, we offer the most comprehensive office design services. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Office Furniture Budget Calculator

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