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Be On Time


Be On Time

Be On Time

Ok, maybe I’m too much of a “Type A” personality or maybe it was my military upbringing but it really bugs me when people are perpetually late.  Am I the only one that thinks it is important to be on time when it comes to both our professional and personal life? Is that an old fashioned value? It’s ok to be late on the odd occasion, indeed sometimes it’s hard to help, but it can be frustrating to work with anyone who is consistently late. To me, being continually late shows a complete disregard for other people’s time.

In my opinion, whatever your appointment may be—a phone call, a business meeting, or lunch with a new client—you should always strive to be on time. And if you are running late and there is nothing you can do to prevent it, contact the other person immediately and inform them of your situation that way he/she can make adjustments.

Don’t agree? Here are a few reasons why it’s so important to be on time for all of your scheduled events:

Shows Respect

Whether you are attending a business meeting, shipping a product or attending a conference call, being punctual shows that you are respectful and value the other person’s time. This is especially true if you are at a workplace where you work with others. For instance, if you submit your work late or if you do not arrive to the team meeting on time, tasks have to be relegated to others in order to keep on schedule. This means that your tardiness is affecting the schedules of others, not just your own.

Proves Reliability

Being punctual proves that you are reliable because you can be counted on to submit work on time. Being labeled as a reliable person or a reliable company builds trust.  A good reputation increases your client base. People want to do business with someone they can rely on and will refer others to you as well.

Increases Productivity

Being on time helps increase your productivity because you have more time to work and to focus. If you are late, your tardiness affects your work and leads to more procrastination. It also increases stress because you spend more time rapidly catching up on your work than simply working on it at an efficient pace. Work that is rushed is usually sub par in quality.

Builds Rapport

Being punctual helps build rapport with your clients, co-workers, and your employer. Even small home based businesses that rely on online sales will see an improvement in their personal relationships with their clients if they provide services in a punctual manner.

If those aren’t reason enough, think about how being on time shows you value YOUR time — and yourself. Being repeatedly late is a self-destructive behavior — why else would you risk not landing the big client, losing your job, or insulting those around you? If you aren’t sure how to stop the cycle of being late, click here for tips to being punctual.





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