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Cubicle Perks


Cubicle Perks

Cubicle Perks

The original cubicle was created in the late 1960s. The developer, Robert Propst, envisioned an active workspace with multiple levels for sitting and standing along with walls at 120 degree angles. It wasn’t until the accountants and office designers got involved and figured out a way to line up workers with 90 degree angled office cubicle walls, thus piling more employees into a smaller space, that the cubicle farms began. By the late 1970’s cubicle sales exploded and with that – cubicles got a bad rep.


The good news for workers is that employers have come a long way since the 70’s in attempts to rectify “cubicle unrest”. Today’s cubicles are a more relaxed, efficient and enjoyable workspace for most employees.

Check out these cubicle perks:

Easy Collaboration

It’s hard to bounce ideas off of coworkers when you are enclosed in an office.  Cubicles make it easy for people to ask questions and learn from one another.  Glass panels or low panel walls make collaboration even more effortless.

Fewer Distractions

In an open floor plan with no panel walls, it’s easy for employees to become distracted.  Coworkers walking by, noise distractions like phone calls and music as well as visual distractions can cut down on productivity.  Cubicles allow for a moderate level of privacy and personal space, without cutting employees off from one another altogether.

More Productivity

One of the more subtle benefits of office cubicles is that they offer a certain level of accountability.  Because others can hear and see what each person is up to, there’s less risk of goofing off.


Walls, even if they don’t reach the ceiling, give people the sense of privacy.  Employees can make calls, sort files and even eat their lunch without feeling like they are being “watched.” 

Social Interaction

When employees have opportunities to interact with their coworkers on a regular basis, it makes for a happier, healthier workplace environment.  Humans by nature need social interaction – in many cases a little cubicle-side chat can enhance productivity by giving employees motivation to get through the rest of the day.

Space Saving

It’s no secret that office cubicles make great use of space.  When designing your floor plan, however, make sure not to get overly caught up with saving space.  Employees need to feel comfortable with the amount of space they are given or they will spend their time worrying about it, rather than getting work done.

Cost Effective

Office cubicles are less expensive to install and reconfigure than an office for each employee.  If you want to save even more money, look into remanufactured cubicles.

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