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Best Office Chairs To Improve Back Pain


Best Office Chairs To Improve Back Pain

Best Office Chairs To Improve Back Pain

In today’s modern office, there are more options than ever for alternative work stations like treadmill desks, standing desks – even bicycle desks! But ultimately, most people will need to spend a large portion of the day sitting. It may even be how you work best, and some jobs are simply not suited to standing or walking. Still, there are office chairs that make sitting more comfortable, leaving you free to concentrate on the task at hand.

Ergonomic Office Chairs

Chronic back/neck pain has become one of the largest reasons employees miss work, impacting long term employee health as well as the company’s bottom line. Ergonomic office chairs are specially designed to ensure your body position is the most comfortable it can be while sitting. Everything from the angle of your back to the arm rest height and seat tilt directly affects how much pressure you feel in your spine. Ergonomic seating reduces the impact on your joints so you experience less back pain throughout your work day. 

The Aspen chair by Global Furniture Group is a sleek, fully functional option that can provide comfort for many body types. Choose from multiple seat back heights and colors.

Ergonomic office chairs for back pain

Fortunately there is a wide range of styles and price points for ergonomic chairs, making them accessible for everyone – as they should be! A budget friendly ergonomic chair like this Offices To Go Mesh Back Chair offers all the benefits of ergonomic design. You can get comfort and style at an affordable price. 


Active Chairs

This category of chairs is also ergonomic, but typically is characterized by allowing some other motion during seating. After a long meeting or a focused stretch of work, movement is not only good for your joints but it will also re-energize your mind! Active chairs are the perfect in-between for sitting or standing, so you can get the benefits of movement throughout the day. They are also a good choice for employees who can’t stand for long periods of time as an alternative to sitting.

The Via Swopper chair, for example, allows you to bounce, rock, and spin! It makes a great addition to your regular office chair, or you can use it all day as your primary seat if you prefer.  

Office chairs to help with back pain

Other styles of motion chairs include leaning chairs/stools and sit-to-perch varieties. Humanscale’s Saddle stool encourages a unique way of sitting that opens up the hips and thighs and reduces pressure on the tailbone. 

If you or any of your employees are suffering from back pain at work, think about switching to an ergonomic or active chair. Experts agree that supporting proper posture and being active during the work day are the best ways to reduce pain. These types of chairs make an excellent addition to any office looking to improve the health of their employees. ROSI can help you choose the best type of chair for your employees, based on the work they do and your office layout. Contact us for a free consultation! 

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