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Beyond Glass Office Partitions Houston: Top 5 Desks for a Home Office

Once you have left the glass office partitions Houston behind in favor of working from home, you may think you can forgo a desk altogether. Nevertheless, many people prefer to equip a home office with a desk. The storage capacity provided and the workspace available help them to maintain peak productivity.

The right desk for your home office depends on the type of work that you do, the space you have available, and the number of hours you work in a day. There are a variety of desks available, each with its special features. We’ve put together the following guide to help you find the right type of desk for your residentially based workspace.

1. Executive DeskHome Office Desks

If you need a desk that offers a lot of storage while also providing a large work surface, an executive desk may be just what you’re looking for. Executive desks have pedestals on either side supporting the work surface. Each pedestal contains a file drawer and one or two other drawers, usually with a shallower pencil drawer between them

Executive desks may be traditional or contemporary in styling. The Offices To Go Laminate Typical With Executive Desk, Box Files, and Overhead Hutch offers modern lines and stylish finish options and includes an extra unit for more storage.

2. Writing Desk

You may not need a large work surface or storage. You may need a few shallow drawers in which to keep office supplies. If so, you may be more interested in a writing desk. This type is also known as a leg desk because it has legs resembling those of a table, yet typically has a few shallow drawers underneath the work surface.

The Modern Corby Executive Typical With Peninsula Table isn’t a writing desk per se, but the peninsula table combined with the storage pedestal is similar in styling but offers its advantages. It’s modular, so it can be configured to fit your office, and with the included credenza and bookcases, you shouldn’t lack for storage.

3. L-Shaped Deskdesk

Also called a return desk, an L-shaped desk provides at least as much work surface as an executive desk and puts it within easier reach, especially for shorter arms. Because an L-shaped desk can fit into a corner, it can use the space more efficiently, which is important if you do not have much to work within the first place, a common feature of home offices. Another advantage of an L-shaped desk is that it provides separate areas for your computer and paperwork if desired.

The return, which is the additional work surface perpendicular to the main work surface, is usually located to your right when you sit at the desk. If this doesn’t work for you or your space, you may find a desk with a left-sided return. Another option is a modular unit, such as the Princeton Typical with Credenza and File Cabinets, configured to meet your needs while providing extra storage space.

4. U-Shaped Desk

Though it takes up more room than an L-shaped desk, a U-shaped desk offers many of the same advantages. It may be able to fit into a corner and provides more work surface, even more than an L-shaped desk, within easy reach. A U-shaped desk can also be advantageous if you meet with clients in your home office or work alongside a spouse or a business partner. In this instance, office partitions Houston may be a valuable add-on accessory.

Adaptabilities offers U-shaped typicals with a single pedestal credenza on either the right or the left for storage. There are more options if you require even more storage, such as the Verde Typical with Storage Hutch and Personal Tower.

5. Adjustable Height Desks

Research demonstrates that sitting at a desk all day can negatively affect your posture and put you at greater risk for diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. An adjustable height desk allows you to spend at least some of your workday standing, which, among other health benefits, helps your blood to circulate more efficiently.

Adjustable height desks may be cranked by hand, raised or lowered by an electric motor, or work with pneumatic power. We offer all three options.

Find Desks and Glass Office Partitions Houston

See the selection of desks available from ROSI Office Systems to find one with the features you need. We also offer glass office partitions Houston and other home office furnishings.


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Beyond Glass Office Partitions Houston: Top 5 Desks for a Home Office | ROSI Office Systems Inc. – Houston, TX



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