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Ergonomics Solutions: Fad vs. Fact


Ergonomics Solutions: Fad vs. Fact

Ergonomics Solutions: Fad vs. Fact

With the abundance of products labeled “ergonomic” on the market today, how do you tell if ergonomics is a passing fad or if the product is truly ergonomic? Humantec…


I’m glad someone is giving insight to the explosion of ergonomic products, to which will be something used in the  foreseeable future and something that simply may be a fad. We all have been guilty of buying certain things that just weren’t used. I do disagree on one item that was discussed as being a fad. The treadmill desk is a very popular item sold by ROSI, and I don’t see demand going down anytime soon. Most people are not getting the proper exercise, and I believe the treadmill desk will only gain in popularity, and become a mainstay in office workspaces for awhile.

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