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Habits Of Companies With A Happy Office Culture


Habits Of Companies With A Happy Office Culture

Habits Of Companies With A Happy Office Culture

Developing a happy office culture can seem like an overwhelming task. After all, does anyone really like their job or place of work? It turns out, the answer is YES! Here are the ways some companies are keeping their employees happy and reaping the benefits.

Identify What You’re Doing Right

Gather your top performers and go-getters and ask them what they like about working for your company. Would they recommend it to others as a great place to work? Why? Engaging in regular conversations like this will help you identify what your employees value and what motivates them to perform.

Keep Learning

Develop a culture of learning. Happy employees feel excited about learning and gaining new skills. They want to feel like you’re investing in them as valued members of your team. Whether it’s in-house workshops, classes at a local school, or other training opportunities, make sure you have these options available.


Communication goes two ways, but many managers make the mistake of communicating at their employees instead of with them. Annual reviews are often a just a formality with no real change or improvements as a result. Consider more frequent meetings to stay better connected with your team. This will not only help you head off any problems as they develop, but will show your interest in the day to day operations.

Encourage Balance

Work-life balance is one of the trickiest subjects to tackle, and yet it’s so important. Research shows that 80% of people would be happier with more flexible options at work. Plus, technology allows for work to be done away from the office, so what can you do to give your employees more freedom? Flexible work schedules around family schedules are really attractive. Depending on the person, working early and leaving mid-afternoon might be the perfect fit. If you have late night owl types, a noon to 8 schedule may work best.

What’s important in all cases of a happy office culture is that managers and employees are communicating about what’s working and what’s not. Don’t be afraid of feedback, it’s a great tool to improve your workplace relationships.




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