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How Long Will It Take To Get My New Office Furniture?


How Long Will It Take To Get My New Office Furniture?

how long will it take to get my new office furniture

How Long Will It Take To Get My New Office Furniture?

Thinking about a new office project? During the initial planning stages, it’s important to have a realistic idea of how long it will take to get your new office furniture in and installed. This is not something that can be executed at the last minute! Generally, most manufacturers offer a small line of ready-to-ship goods that can be delivered fairly quickly. But, if you’re looking for something specific or custom, be prepared to wait.

Global Zira Reception Desk TypicalFast-Ship or Ready To Ship

Some companies have a line of products that they keep ready for quick shipping. If you’re in a pinch and need a solution fast, it’s best to consider these options first. Typically you’ll choose from a set amount of options in finishes, fabric choice, and color. These ready to ship products are still high quality and make great choices for any office, regardless of timeline. For example, Global Furniture Group offers some “2 Day Lightning” seating options in a wide variety of styles that ship to you quickly. Some of them have over 200 fabric options! Textile and acoustic product manufacturer Unikavaev has several fast ship fabric options as well. We can help you find these fast-ship office products if you’re in need of office furniture in Houston quickly.

Studio photography of AMQ's Icon Benching. There is a single double run workspace, with a white teak laminate on top. A woman stands and looks out the window, next to a green swivel chair.Standard Products

If you’re looking for something a little more specific than the options in a fast-ship lineup, you’ll probably need to expand into a company’s standard product line. This category of furniture will have more options in finishes, fabrics, and color. But, more choices mean longer lead time. Depending on the manufacturer, it’s typically 3-6 weeks – sometimes longer. It’s best to check ahead of time before ordering to make sure you have enough time to wait.

Custom Furniture

Do you want something one of a kind? Maybe something made just for your company that incorporates your branding? For very specific requests, like custom furniture, the manufacturer will usually quote on a case by case basis. You can expect to wait, on average, anywhere from 6-9 weeks, depending on the size and complexity of the order. But, defer to the manufacturer for a more exact timeline.

ROSI also offers rental furniture, which can be a great option while waiting for those longer lead times. If you need something to hold you over until your custom order comes in, we can fill that gap. It’s flexible, affordable, and will minimize downtime.

When customers come to us asking about new office furniture in Houston, we’d love to tell them that we can install it the next day! But, it’s just not (usually) possible. What we can do is help you understand the lead times of manufacturers so you can make the best choices within your timeline. It’s important to manage expectations during this process, and ROSI specializes in walking you through each step. Contact us today to talk more about your next office furniture project.


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