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How to Budget Office Furniture Expense in 2016


How to Budget Office Furniture Expense in 2016

How to Budget Office Furniture Expense in 2016

One of the most important aspects of any business plan is forecasting a yearly budget. Even when business owners cannot forecast the accuracy of their sales numbers, they must be diligent when it comes to creating and sticking to a budget. Part of this diligence requires a business owner to get information on all costs associated with their business. One of the expenses often overlooked is the cost of office furniture.

To budget office furniture in Houston, create a spreadsheet and list the number of workstations you have and how many more you’ll need for the upcoming year. Use a good, better and best approach when thinking of your furniture longevity. List the price for each workstation and the life expectancy of those pieces. Your goal is to figure out the cost of each workstation per employee and which type of office furniture will fit into your budget.

When determining the office furniture budget, you need to balance the company image, cost and comfort of your employees. Take for instance, these three classifications of workstations:


Sensible and sophisticated styles in economy furniture are designed for the budget-minded business. Furniture classified as economic meets the minimal criteria for professional office furniture in Houston and is usually considered when cost savings is the primary concern of the business owner. A workstation in this class would most likely combine laminate construction office desks with faux leather office chairs and a smattering of office cubicles.


Classic, traditional or contemporary styles in a mid-range line of office furniture in Houston can be surprisingly affordable. Furniture in this range is considered to have a decent life expectancy – usually manufactured with wood/wood veneer and leather materials that aesthetically appear more professional. This type of furniture is targeted for office environments where customers, partners, and suppliers will be visiting; however, the business owner is still looking to constrain their budgets as much as possible.


Modern style office furniture, created from only the finest materials with added details in both style and convenience are considered high-end.  Furniture classified in this range is fabricated using materials such as wood, glass, leather, or contemporary meshes and is designed for ergonomics and longevity. This office furniture is ideal for a business owner who is looking to achieve a trendy, upscale look and is very conscious about employee health and wellbeing.

Furnishing an office is an investment and budgeting for new office furniture is not an easy or simple task, but it is a necessary one. Creating the highest quality environment within your budget will result in high-quality work. Business owners who take the time to understand what type of office furniture best meets the needs of their business and their employees will ultimately have the most success.

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