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How to Exercise In Your Cubicle


How to Exercise In Your Cubicle

How to Exercise In Your Cubicle

Working in an office all day long definitely makes it hard to find the time to work out.  Why not do it in your cubicle?

We are all becoming acutely aware of the dangers of sitting all day including obesity, increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, and abnormal cholesterol levels.  Sitting for too long has also been associated with an increase in the risk of death from cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Let’s face facts, there are those few minutes we all have between tasks where we can get a little physical activity in our day.  We’re not talking about an extensive work out here – unless you purchase a treadmill desk – but you can sneak in enough exercise throughout the day by simply moving around. 

We’re not talking about running a marathon in your cubicle; no one wants to sit in sweaty clothes the rest of the day but these few tips will help you get your heart rate up and they just might improve your health at the same time.

Lift your toes while you keep your heels on the ground.  You can do this sitting or standing.

Tap your feet in place for 30 seconds at a time.  You can do this sitting or standing.

Try taking the stairs.  If you’re feeling energetic, take them two at a time!

Stand in front of your desk or another piece of furniture or the wall of your cubicle and do a few calf raises.

Try a few lunges while you’re standing in your cubicle.

Sit in your chair and raise your foot off the floor – a few inches normally works best.  Bend your knee 90 degrees and hold the position for 30 seconds.  Alternate feet.

This one will make your eyebrows go up but do a few plié squats (pass on this if you’re wearing a skirt or dress).  You might have to remember your ballet days but go ahead and do them anyway!

Sit in your chair and do a few leg extensions.  Lift your right leg level with your hip and hold for as long as you can.  Alternate legs.

A little upset at your boss?  Stand up and take a few jabs in the air and let off some steam.

For 30 seconds raise your arms and do a few arm pumps.

Raise your shoulder as high as your ear and hold for a few seconds – relax – repeat with the other shoulder.

With your palm up, stretch your arm out in front of you.  Grab your fingers with your other hand and lightly pull them down.  This helps stretch your forearm and feels great after a few hours of typing!

Resting on your chair, slowly raise and lower yourself with your arms behind your back.

If you have room, lean up against the wall of your cubicle and push your body off of it slowly with your hands.  Do as many as you can.

Make fists.  Relax and tense the muscles in your hands.

As far as you can, stretch both of your arms back and up then bring them forward and stretch your arms out as far as they will go in front of you.  Repeat.

Find something useful to do with that water bottle!  Hold onto a filled water bottle and do a few front raises, lift it over your head and do a few curls.

Do a few twists while sitting in your chair.  Place your right arm behind your hip while sitting straight then lean to the right and hold for a few seconds.  Repeat on the left side.

Resting your back up against the wall of your cubicle, move your feet away from your body but keep them bent.  Make sure that the wall is supporting the weight of your back.  Stay there for a few minutes.

Now we come to the gluteus maximus.  Holding for a count of 10, tense up the muscles, relax and repeat.

Sit up straight and cross your arms over your chest then tense your stomach muscles while you curl your shoulders down to your hips.  Hold for as long as you can and repeat.

While keeping your back straight, stretch your arms out in front of you and sit on the edge of your chair and contract your stomach muscles.  Relax and repeat.

This one really feels good after a long morning of sitting: drop your chin as low as you can and roll your neck then lift your chin and bend your neck from side to side.

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