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More Ways To Support Employee Wellness


More Ways To Support Employee Wellness

More Ways To Support Employee Wellness

Employee wellness is not a new idea, and it’s not likely going away anytime soon. The statistics on how sedentary people are at work are shocking, and companies are realizing that it’s in everyone’s best interest to encourage being active during the workday. Here are just some ways to inspire movement and health at the office.

Bike Share

Biking to work is a great way to start (and end!) the day with some activity. It also allows you time to prepare mentally for the day and decompress before arriving home. However, not everyone lives close enough to bike to work. If you work in a bike-able area, though, your employer might opt to participate in a bike-sharing program. Bike to lunch or meetings to get some exercise during the day.

Active Office Furniture

For many of us, biking to/from work or during work just isn’t possible – but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your heart rate up at the office. Active office furniture makes a great addition to your workplace and includes things like standing desks, walking desks, even cycling desks! If the budget doesn’t allow for a total overhaul, consider adding one or two pieces as community workspaces where employees can take turns utilizing them.

In-Office Massage

While not necessarily a classic choice for exercise per say, massage does have benefits that align with employee wellness. Once or twice a month, have a therapist come and offer 15-30 minute sessions throughout the day. Your employees will feel more relaxed and ready to tackle the next project.

Finding qualified candidates, training them, and keeping them is the constant struggle of any business. Research shows that investing in employee wellness is wise, as it decreases the amount of sick time and turnover. It simultaneously increases productivity and job satisfaction. These are major wins for all parties involved! By helping your employees stay healthy, you’ll ensure they want to -and can- stick around for the long haul.

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