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Generation Z: What They Want In Office Design


Generation Z: What They Want In Office Design

Generation Z: What They Want In Office Design

Just when we think we have things figured out, the universe throws another monkey wrench into the mix. Office design trends have shifted since the Millennial burst onto the workplace scene over 15 years ago. There’s a new kid on the block now called Generation Z. What changes will they bring to the office?

Generation Z

This population of people was born between 1994-2010 and enters the workforce with an entirely new perspective. Raised during the Recession, this colors the way they view their job and work-life balance. These employees are completely tech savvy. There’s no time “before” cell phones or laptop computers that they can recall, unlike most of the previous generation.

What Do They Want?

Because of their tech savvy, smartphone-loving nature, don’t expect them to be impressed by bulky desktop computers or other outdated technology. To attract this crowd, many companies replace their equipment with new streamlined versions – issuing laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

79 percent of those in Generation Z have symptoms of ‘emotional distress’ when separated from their mobile phone or tablet.

The upside of this mobile generation is that they work less at desks. You’ll need less office space overall since you won’t be housing traditional office furniture in Houston like cubicles. Generation Z is even less likely than Millennials to be happy in a closed floor plan. They prefer casual spaces that allow them to move and work freely. This ultimately gives you more creative license with your office design. Collaborative areas with relaxed furniture that moves around easily are ideal.

Balance is still key, though, and we can’t forget that not everyone prefers to work in the same way. Make sure there are a few private workplaces for people who need more quiet for focus. Investing in flexible office design will attract top Generation Z talent and keep your current employees happy.


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