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Hot Trend: Lounge Style Office Furniture


Hot Trend: Lounge Style Office Furniture

Hot Trend: Lounge Style Office Furniture

It’s true that many companies are leaning towards a more residential feel at the office, with less sterile design and more comfortable spaces. But now some are also including lounge style office furniture in Houston in working areas. Are there benefits to a more reclined posture at work?

Creative Thinking

In offices where employees need to be creative, reclining can lead to a more relaxed mind. In this state, it’s easier for the brain to make connections and allow new ideas to flow. Reclining gives us permission, so to speak, to let our minds wander and can lead to some real Eureka! moments.

The Cody Chair from KI has an optional tablet station, making it perfect for a relaxed work space.


Lounge style furniture can also work well for group settings. Relaxed posture encourages people to be more social, whether it’s sitting down to discuss a team project or just a casual break. These areas lend themselves well to promoting employee engagement and job satisfaction. The casual feel leads to more open communication than gathering around a conference table.

Carreta by Indiana Furniture looks sharp as a collaborative work area.


We already know that changing positions often during the workday is ideal. First came the standing desk, then the walking desk, and now you can even cycle at work! Offering some areas for reclining adds another option to the mix.

Kicking up your feet and relaxing a bit at work can have some positive effects, but it may not work for every office. If you need help deciding what type of office furniture in Houston is right for your space, contact ROSI today for a free consultation. We can help you determine if some more casual work areas would benefit your employees and ultimately your bottom line.


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