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Job Hunting? How To Observe The Office Culture


Job Hunting? How To Observe The Office Culture

Job Hunting? How To Observe The Office Culture

Going on a job interview? Learn how to suss out the office culture just by observing your surroundings. Are the employees happy? What does the office design say about the company?

Job seekers are often so focused on the interview process that they miss out on key observations about the office. There are a few giveaways that point to the culture of the company. Wouldn’t you like to know what you’re walking into if you sign that offer letter? Office spaces are full of “design tells” that can expose certain aspects of the culture. Here’s what to look for.


Take notice as soon as you walk through the doors, as this is your first impression! Is the space warm and inviting? Are you greeted promptly by friendly staff? Look around at the furniture because it can definitely give off a vibe. Is it sleek and modern or traditional?


If you can sneak by the kitchen, it’s a great place to do more detective work. You’ll likely encounter some employees taking a break. Friendly banter and laughing is a great sign of a healthy culture. Are there perks like fancy coffee machines or snacks? That could be just enough to tip the scales for you!

Work Areas

This will be one of the most important spaces to investigate, as it’s where you’ll be spending your time if you choose to accept an offer. Is there a good balance between private work areas and communal space? Take a look around at several desks and look for photos and other “homey” touches like plants. Personal touches in the office are generally indicators of happy employees who are engaged in the company culture.

Next time you find yourself in the role of job seeker, don’t forget to also use your powers of observation outside of the interview. You’ll be able to get a better sense of the culture at your (potential) future workplace!


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