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Top Office Plants To Increase Mood and Productivity


Top Office Plants To Increase Mood and Productivity

Top Office Plants To Increase Mood and Productivity

Studies show that having plants at the office increases mood and productivity. Why not add a few green things to your space? Here are some suggestions for easy to care for plants that will purify your office as well!

Spider Plants

If you don’t have a lot of light or windows in your office, this plant is perfect for you. It thrives in partial sun or shade. Short on desk space? Try planting these in hanging baskets.


This plant is almost all but bulletproof, so if you struggle with a green thumb, this one’s for you! They are at the top of the list of varieties for air purifying. Plant in loose soil (pot or hanging basket) and water twice a week.

Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is unique in that it can tolerate both low light and full sun. Plus, its fresh citrus scent will keep you alert and boost your mood. This plant requires good drainage, so plant in the appropriate pot and be sure to water regularly.

Peace Lily

Peace Lillies are another good choice for low light conditions, and they are one of the best at removing VOCs from the air. Plant in loose soil with adequate drainage. Water every few days and avoid letting the soil get completely dry.

Invest in some office plants, and you’ll notice the benefits. The visual appeal of a green space will not only brighten your day, but those around you. It can make a big impact on future clients too, as a vibrant office makes a positive statement about your company. Spring is the perfect time to add some of these varieties to your office!

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