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Office Design And The Multigenerational Workforce


Office Design And The Multigenerational Workforce

Office Design And The Multigenerational Workforce

Businesses are experiencing an age diverse workforce like never before. With employees choosing to work beyond the traditional retirement age, offices are seeing four generations working together. These generations bring with them completely different skill sets, experiences and values. With the right approach to office design, these generations can come together collaboratively to drive performance and innovation.

In order for a multigenerational workforce to succeed, businesses need to create an office environment that accommodates the differing needs of its staff. To do this successfully, multigenerational workforce companies need to identify the working styles of each group.

Baby Boomers: Traditional, hard working and productive. However, they tend not to be as adaptable and collaborative as other generations. They are more motivated by personal gain. This generation values traditional rewards including their own office.

Generation X: Diverse, honest, innovative and creative. They are effective managers and revenue generators. Generation X problem solving and collaborative skills allow them to adapt quickly in the workplace. They keep up to date with the latest technology and value flexible working patterns. They may need some traditional quiet office space but can also function in an open office environment.

Millennials: Highly tech-savvy and social. Technology is innate and a natural part of their work and private lives. They are more relaxed about their working practices because they use technology to work anytime and anywhere. They do not require a fixed office space or office desk, but need areas where they can feel relaxed, collaborate with coworkers and be productive.

Generation Z: This group is just entering the workforce. They are tomorrow’s professionals. Constant change and challenge is required to keep this generation from boredom. They have also grown up with technology, however, they are much more likely to be users rather than the creators in the two generations before them.

From these profiles, it becomes clear that neither the traditional small office space, nor a completely open office plan would be appropriate to achieve the best results from all your employees.  Each generation brings their own set of skills and cultural norms.

In thinking about today’s office design, it is important to remember that most of what we typically associate with the “traditional office”, represents a way of doing business that is over 50 years old. Leaders of today’s companies must think about the office design of the future, not the past. When considering multigenerational changes impacting the workforce, companies must be flexible about the work environment. Office design choices that are made today will have a direct impact on a company’s ability to effectively recruit new staff tomorrow.

ROSI Office Systems provides smart office design solutions for your employee’s diverse workforce.  We deliver free office space planning and design to all of our prospective customers. If you’re ready to discuss your business’ next office design, contact us! We’re ready to get started!





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