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10 Signs That It's Time To Move Or Expand Your Office


10 Signs That It’s Time To Move Or Expand Your Office

10 Signs That It’s Time To Move Or Expand Your Office

As a successful business owner, you may soon find yourself in need of an office expansion. Staying put in a cramped office is not a solution. A smart business owner knows when it’s time to move somewhere with more breathing room. This is a process, which requires a good amount of effort and thought. Expanding can be a tough thing to get right. Whether due to a move to a new location, or simply a restructuring and reorganizing of existing office space, it’s important to think the process through carefully.

If you’re not quite sure that it’s time for an expansion. Look for these 10 signs that it’s time to move or expand your office:

  1. Workstations are cramped. Your office space doesn’t have to be huge but it should be big enough to comfortably accommodate your staff. Your employees need their space, especially if a part of their job is to be on the phone most of the time. Nobody wants to listen to every conversation made by his or her coworker. It can be very distracting to others who are trying to do their work. People need to feel physically comfortable to do their jobs effectively.
  1. No adequate meeting space. If your employees are sitting cheek-to-cheek, you’re tripping over boxes stacked in the hallways and you have to take clients to Starbucks to have a meeting because there’s no room in your office, it’s time to seek a larger space.
  1. The break room is full. If there is literally nowhere for employees to go for their lunch or breaks, they will be forced to eat at their desk or go elsewhere. Productive employees are happy employees. They need a place to go where they can recharge.
  1. No more storage. If the filing cabinets in your office are overflowing and you’ve been forced to use an off-site storage facility, it’s time to explore expansion options. Using the hallway for extra storage space will reflect poorly on your business. It communicates to others that your employees’ work is messy and unfinished.
  1. You have more business than you can handle. If you seem to be turning away customers or your employees are too overworked due to customer demands, then it may be time for a business expansion.
  1. High employee turnover. Sometimes turnover of staff can be an indication of many problems, but it may also be a wake up call, telling you the office is not a comfortable place to work.
  1. Parking is limited. If you’re hearing complaints about how difficult it is to find parking, it may be another sign it’s time to move.
  1. You have stable employees. To handle growth, your staff needs to be ready for additional work and new demands. You’ll need employees who can step up to the challenge. If you’ve got these workers in place, your chances of a successful business expansion improve.
  1. Loyal customers. If you have a strong base of customers and referrals, that’s a good sign. It indicates an ongoing demand for the products and/or services you provide as well as satisfaction with the quality of what you do or sell.
  1. Continual profits year over year. A recent surge in profits isn’t necessarily enough to justify business expansion—it could be temporary or seasonal. However, steady profitability is a sign you’re doing something right and that your business model is working.

Sometimes office expansion can be complex. If that becomes the case for you, then remember you can always enlist the help of a professional. Getting an expert office design team on board can be the best move you can make. ROSI Office System’s design team specializes in office expansions and will help plan from the ground up. Contact us, today!






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