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Hack Your Office For More Energy Efficiency


Hack Your Office For More Energy Efficiency

Hack Your Office For More Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a hot topic these days, as companies do more to limit their impact on the environment and stretch their budgets farther. Here are simple some tips to make your office more energy efficient.

Do An Inspection

You can start with a visual inspection of windows and doors to check for gaps. This can be particularly telling in older buildings, but is a good technique for any space. Take it to the next level by shining a flashlight around these areas after dark and checking with a partner on the other side for any light seeping through. For a more in-depth look, try a free online energy audit. It calculates your building’s energy savings potential in electricity.

Stop The Leaks

Once you identify gaps where air is passing through, caulk and seal them to stop the leaks. You can also add some other protective measures like:

  • Replacing single pane windows with double pane, or cover them with storm windows
  • Adding foam insulation gaskets behind switch plates and outlets
  • Installing seal-able gasket door thresholds

Turn Off The Lights

Next it’s time to take a look at your usage. Go through your office or building and make notes of any lights that are on but don’t need to be. Areas that are not used as frequently should have a lights off policy. You can also install light switches on a motion sensor, which will keep these spaces dark until they are in use. For the areas where you are using lights the whole day, try switching to more energy efficient bulbs like LED. They can lead to a 35% reduction in energy consumption!

Check Your Sleep Habits

I’m not talking about your personal sleep habits, but rather the electronic kind. Make sure your computers, printers, and other devices are set to sleep or hibernate after a period of inactivity.

Simply setting your office computers to enter sleep mode after 5 minutes of inactivity can generate savings of around $75 per computer per year.

These are quick and effective ways to make a big impact on the energy efficiency of your office. Utilizing these tips will save your company money and decrease your carbon footprint, a win-win!


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