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Art Positively Impacts Office Productivity


Art Positively Impacts Office Productivity

Art Positively Impacts Office Productivity

Believe it or not, artwork plays an important role in office productivity. It may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about good office design, but it’s worth taking into consideration. In fact, according to a recent study, a staggering 74% of professionals say they like office art because it inspires them.

Why Does Art Increase Office Productivity?

If you enrich a space people feel much happier and work better; a very good way of doing this is by using art.

Research shows that sterile work environments do nothing to inspire creativity or keep people focused. That’s why we talk about painting walls green or decorating with plants. Employees want to be in an environment that’s beautiful, lively, and invokes happiness. Taking a moment out of a busy day to laugh at a funny calendar photo or to enjoy a Picasso can break up the monotony of work and re-energize you.

Choosing The Right Fit

First, consider your office environment. More casual spaces have a wider range of art that may be acceptable, whereas a suit and tie office will be more limited. Either way, you can choose pieces that have a positive impact. Allow employees to choose how they decorate their office, within reason. According to research, funny art gets over 61% approval, but people also enjoy abstract art (54%) and inspirational quotes (44%).

Mixed Media

Office art isn’t just limited to paintings on the wall. Consider sculptures, vases, or anything else that inspires you. One idea is to turn the company’s mission statement or values into a work of art. Ask the whole staff for input about what it should look like. You’ll encourage creativity and help them remember why they’re here.

Rotating Art

There are companies that allow you to rent art and return pieces after 6 months for something new. They offer a variety of sizes, styles, and media, so there is something for every office. This is a great way to keep your space interesting. It’s like turning your workplace into an art gallery!

Thinking about changing up the look of your office? Be more intentional about choosing your next artwork. Your employees will take notice and thank you for it!

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