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5 More Office Workouts To Do This Week


5 More Office Workouts To Do This Week

5 More Office Workouts To Do This Week

We’ve talked about easy ways to get some exercise right at your desk before. Add these 5 office workouts to your regimen to boost your results even more!

The Wait For It Calf Raise

Next time you’re waiting by the printer or copy machine, work in a set of calf raises. Stand with feet shoulder width apart, then shift your weight to your toes and press up. Hold at the top for a second and release. Repeat 10-15 times per set.

The Bicep Curl

This is a great exercise to get the blood flowing in your arms if you’ve been typing all day! You can use any weighted item around: a can of soup, water bottle, even a set of dumbbells if you’re ambitious. With the weight in one hand, hold it palm up at a 90 degree bend in the elbow. Raise the weight until it’s shoulder height, pause, then lower back down. You can start with 10-15 repetitions, then as you get stronger, either add more weight or more sets to feel the burn!

Desk Squat

Another great way to energize your muscles from a long morning of sitting is to get up and squat! Stand with feet hip width apart, then slowly sit back as if sitting in your desk chair. Hold at the bottom if you can for a few seconds, or work up to that. Stand back up and repeat 10-15 times.

The Hammy Sandwich

Before you chow down at lunch time, get a few sets of these hamstring curls in. Stand up at your desk, holding on to it lightly for support. Slowly bend one leg behind you, until your foot is close to the top of your thigh. Lower down slowly and repeat 10-15 times per side.


Turn this normally zen like pose into a mini arm workout right in your desk chair. With palms pressed together in a prayer like position, push your hands into each other so you feel your arms and chest contract. Hold for 15 seconds then release. Repeat 5-10 more times.

Adding these quick little workouts to your day will improve your mood and your health. Give them a try, along with these other ideas.



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