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Office Expansion Advice

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Office Expansion Advice

Are you thinking about expanding your office space? Your company is growing, and that is a good sign! But if your space is feeling a little cramped, it may be time to consider gaining more square footage. Here is your office expansion advice to keep your project moving.

Review Your Lease

First things first, get your lease agreement and study it. You’ll need this information to fully explore all of your options. Moving into a larger space in the same building or acquiring adjacent empty space is typically more appealing than an across town move (unless you don’t like your landlord!) You also want to be aware of any penalties for breaking your lease early, so you can plan your timeline accordingly. Plus, your agreement could place some limitations on how you can modify the space which you’ll have to take into consideration.

an open office space plan and designTake Stock

Believe it or not, it is possible to expand your office in your current space. You don’t necessarily have to move to a larger floor plan to get more usable space. It may just be a matter of re-allocating areas that are lesser used for new purposes. Or, making better use of the space by examining your office furniture in Houston. If you’ve never worked with a space planner before, it’s almost guaranteed that you have some wasted space. Here are some things to notice during this process:

  • Do you have meeting/conference rooms that aren’t being utilized very often?
  • Do you have remote workers or part-time staff that could share a coworking space instead of private offices/cubicles?
  • Are you making good use of storage space?
  • Is your furniture bulky/oversized for space?
  • Is your waiting area or lobby appropriately sized?

Starting with these questions, you should be able to get a pretty good idea of whether or not it will be possible to make changes in your current layout to free up space. If you want more office expansion advice, take a look at these additional tips.

Make A Move

After going through all the options in your existing workspace, you may decide that moving to a larger office is the best choice. If that’s the case, it’s important to consider both your current needs and future needs. When looking at an office move, it’s a great time to really think about your office layout and making changes to improve workflow and employee relations. With more space, you may be able to add collaborative seating or an employee lounge. You’re able to start from scratch and get it right for your company now – and in 10-15 years.

If you’ve outgrown your current office, then continuing to plug away in a cramped space will only hinder productivity. Going forward with an office expansion will be the best way to support your company growth. Give us a call, and we can help you go through your options. We’ll take a look at your existing office and aid in the decision to either re-arrange that space or to look elsewhere. Need to move? We’ve got you covered there too – from start to finish, we handle all the logistics of an office move.

Office Furniture Budget Calculator

Budget Calculator  

Are you looking for a cost estimate for a new office build out or are you just trying to get a price to add a few new workstations to your existing space, our new office furniture budget calculator can help!

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