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An Office Move Day Checklist


An Office Move Day Checklist

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Office Move Day Checklist

Transitioning to new office space is usually a positive step for any business. It signifies growth, change and a new chapter for the company.  But, moving is also a very complex process. Failing to prepare or skipping steps can make office relocation a stressful and hectic battle. Meticulous planning, the delegation of tasks, and the use of thorough checklists are crucial to the moving process. Use this office move day checklist to make your move a smooth success from start to finish.

businessman carrying moving boxesDelegation

While planning your move from one office to another, it is critical to delegate specific tasks to the appropriate vendors or team leaders. Depending on your office’s specific needs, you may need to check off all or just a few of the listed services. Use this checklist of vendors and assigned leaders to ensure your office-move team is complete:

Office Move-Out Checklist

  • Take inventory of all office furniture
  • Evaluate the condition of all items, determine which will be discarded or liquidated and mark accordingly
  • Consider new location layout, design plans, and ergonomic accommodation requirements; determine which furniture should be kept and mark it accordingly
  • Direct employees to clear all personal items from workspace & pack them for relocation
  • Take inventory of all documents and files in office: shred, archive, or store carefully for transport
  • Take inventory of all technology
  • Contact current IT support /data carriers to transfer services and approve relocation plans
  • Designate a crew to provide tech relocation support (properly disconnect, store, transport and reconnect all cables and desktops)
  • Check existing office lease for move-out requirements
  • Walk through the vacated office, check for any items left behind
  • Arrange for cleaning of vacated space
  • Designate assigned tracker to check off the completion of all move-out tasks


New Office Move-In Checklist

  • Arrange cleaning of space prior to move-in
  • Confirm that any painting and floor installation is complete prior to moving in
  • Delegate a tracker to account for all transported items /oversee safe unloading upon arrival
  • Consult with space planner/designer to ensure all furniture and other items are properly placed around the office
  • Delegate tech set up and support services to IT vendor/crew
  • Arrange move-in day installation and connection of all desktops, cables and other tech equipment
  • Arrange to follow up service for initial few days to ensure successful connections & oversee tech transition
  • Provide crew for the first few days of transition to facilitate unpacking, adjusting furniture placement, mounting/ installing decor and furnishings, and install all signage.
  • Designate time for employees to unpack their belongings and set up their new work stations
  • Update all company ads, websites, and correspondence with new location information
  • Designate assigned tracker to perform final walk-through & check off the completion of each move-in task


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