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Sound Absorbing Panels Or Works Of Art?


Sound Absorbing Panels Or Works Of Art?

Sound Absorbing Panels Or Works Of Art?

When it comes to the open office, one of the biggest complaints we hear is that sometimes it can get a little noisy. You must take into consideration noise control when designing any office, but it’s especially key in more open flow work spaces. While open spaces are necessary for good collaboration, it’s important to also have some space where people can do more focused work quietly. Carving out some areas with acoustic panels will add much needed flexibility in work environment to your office.

Acoustic Panels For Noise Reduction

One of the quickest and easiest ways to help with noise reduction is to use acoustic panels. These specially designed panels absorb sound and dampen unwanted ambient noise. Acoustic panels also reduce echoing and sound reverberation. Typically they can be installed on ceilings and walls without major construction or downtime. Installing sound absorbing panels is a great way to create more private spaces in your open office.

Types Of Acoustic/Sound Absorbing Panels

Acoustic panels are made from a wide variety of materials including:

  • Foam
  • Fiberglass
  • Wood
  • Fabric

There are some advantages and disadvantages to each material- mainly in cost, weight, and ease of installation. Also, some materials are more sustainable/environmentally friendly which may be a factor in your decision. 

New Styles Double As Art

Looking to add some visual interest to your office space? Companies like Unikavaev have totally overhauled the once boring, dated looking acoustic panels into something truly beautiful. Their products are stylish and functional. When installed, these pieces look like modern art. The felt fiber shapes come in dozens of colors and hang easily with plastic clips. Mix styles and colors for interesting patterns. The wide variety of options ensures you’ll find something to visually enhance your office space and blend seamlessly with your style. Plus, you can hang and re-hang if your needs change or if you move offices.

acoustic tiles

Acoustic Partitions

If hanging panels aren’t your style or can’t be accommodated in your space, there are also partition options to choose from. The adjustable Bower Screen from Unikavaev provides a certain level of visual privacy in addition to sound dampening, which may be preferable for certain areas of your office. The Bower system is completely modular, so assembly is easy and customizable to suit your specific needs. Its earthy, woven texture compliments any decor. Use them around cubicles or lounge seating, wherever you need more privacy.

Today’s sound absorbing panels are a far cry from the ones you used to see. Not only do they offer noise reduction, but they are beautiful pieces of structural art. Investing in this type of architectural product not only will help your productivity, but it will add visual interest to your office design. If you’re in need of some more quiet in your office, let ROSI help. We can discuss your current space and determine where some sound absorbing panels might serve you best. Consultations with us are free, so give us a call to see if we can find a solution together for your noisy office.


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