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The Importance of Dual Purpose Office Furniture


The Importance of Dual Purpose Office Furniture

The Importance of Dual Purpose Office Furniture

Today’s offices are shrinking. There are fewer private offices, more standing desks, open-plan seating, office desk sharing, and — for many of those lucky enough to hang on to their own personal space — smaller footprints, with a typical office cubicle shrinking from a relatively roomy 8 feet by 10 feet to a snug 6 by 6.

With this open office trend, most workspaces are now designed to do more with less – utilizing unique furniture combinations and pieces that encourage collaboration.  This shrinking personal office space is why office furniture that serves a dual purpose is so important. When companies create a workspace with dual purpose office furniture, they can easily redesign an office without investing in a bunch of new furniture or creating a bunch of cluttered work zones.

Here are some great examples:

ROSI Office Systems
A storage box that is also a sturdy seat. Strong enough to hold up to 275 lbs, it’s collapsible and portable.
ROSI Office Systems
Lounge Chairs with tablet arms so office desks aren’t needed.
ROSI Office Systems
Rotary storage tables provide shelves or drawers and a place to collaborate when needed.

Investing in dual purpose office furniture can also minimize clutter in your office and free up room for other furniture. Plus, adding dual purpose furniture to your office can help you build an open, collaborative environment. By saving space, double duty furniture can open up room for meeting and creative spaces where employees can gather and bounce ideas off of each other. It’s amazing what a little redesign can do for your company culture and employee satisfaction.

Next time you feel like your office needs a complete makeover; explore the possibilities of dual purpose office furniture. You’ll maximize space, stay within budget, and create a more functional, engaging office space.

Are you designing an office? ROSI Office Systems can help you to create an office design that meets your company’s specific requirements. Contact us today for more information.


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