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What Are The Biggest And Smallest Sizes For Cubicles?

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What Are The Biggest And Smallest Sizes For Cubicles?

There are several advantages that office cubicles offer employers. They maximize floor space, create inexpensive work stations, and can easily be reconfigured as necessary for shared areas or individual offices.  “Cubes” as they are lovingly called come in various models, sizes, and shapes. They range from plain dividers to ultra-modern spacious modules that have upholstered walls and are equipped with ergonomically designed furniture. 

What Cubicle Size do I Need?

It depends on several factors. There are several cubicle sizes that typically range from 6’ x 6’ to 8’ x 12’.  However, cubicles can range from 2’ x 4’ for a call center workstation, to 12’ x 12’ for a manager’s cube.

The most common cubicles sizes are:

  • The 8 x 8 Cubicle: All non-supervisory functions that do not require special considerations such as special equipment or large documents fall under this size category.  These cubicles normally contain minimal file cabinets since their intention is to be solely utilized as a work area.
  • The 8 x 10 Cubicle: All non-supervisory functions that require special considerations, i.e. special equipment or large documents.  For the most part, these cubicles are used in engineering and architectural firms. They serve high-level functions that require a mixture of file storage and work surfaces – such as secretarial duties.
  • The 8 x 12 Cubicle: This is the most utilized workspace size and is typically used for managers or front line supervisors that require space for interacting with company visitors/guests.

Workstation cubicle areas have evolved from dense areas with tall partitions to collaborative workspaces that promote team thinking and idea-sharing. Companies are adding clear glass partitions on top of low panels that provide separation at desk height but also provide for the flow of natural light throughout the work environment. These glass partitions provide a modern elegant look. Work-tools in the form of sleek modern monitor arms and keyboard trays provide the look of a progressive organization that is on the move.

The proper selection of work surfaces and storage areas create workstations that maximize employee comfort and productivity. Work surfaces are offered at varying heights, widths, and depths and are also offered in fixed or sit/stand positions. Storage is offered in the form of under-work surface file or lateral storage as well as above work surface overhead locking flipper door units.

ROSI space planning specialists will help you match job function to storage requirements enabling you to provide cost-effective efficient solutions to maximize employee output and comfort.

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