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Why You Need A Project Manager For Your Next Office Design


Why You Need A Project Manager For Your Next Office Design

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Why You Need A Project Manager For Your Next Office Design

Congratulations! You’ve received your approved budget for office renovation. It’s a big project, with a deadline and all eyes are on you to make it happen.  Now what do you do?  First, you’ll meet with your project team. Then, hire a contractor. Finally, you’ll decide on vendors for your office furniture.  Before you know it you’re spending most of your time on the phone, hunting down contractor status reports and trying to make sure everything gets done.

Quickly your project becomes overwhelming and over budget. Delays, expenses due to unforeseen issues all the while your management staff is demanding updates.  Stressful!  And don’t forget – this is all in addition to your regular office manager responsibilities.

Although it seemed like a good idea to save money by keeping the project “in-house”, you have your hands full and it’s a bigger job that you thought it would be.

This is why you need a ROSI Office Systems project manager to manage your next office design.

Managing an office design, is in itself, is a full time job.  When you try to be your own project manager you’ll fall short on your existing job duties.  A good project manager will serve as your advisor and advocate.  ROSI Office Systems will work to integrate all elements of a building project so you don’t have to.

Some companies will question whether hiring a project manager is worth the expense.  If you hire the right one, you’ll find the answer is a resounding YES!

Here’s why:

  • ROSI sets project goals and timelines based on project objectives. Also, we’ll manage those goals and timelines for you with a punch list and complete follow-through on all punch list items.
  • ROSI will provide a delivery status after order entry before the installation. A smooth delivery and installation requires communication and planning.
  • ROSI will take the lead on certificate of insurance documents for building management.
  • ROSI will coordinate electrical and data cabling vendors. We won’t let critical infrastructure slip through the cracks. We’ll make sure your space is wired and ready.
  • ROSI will take care to verify critical dimensions before installation to prevent access issues. Measuring more than the office space is important. We’ll make sure your office furniture makes it inside.
  • ROSI will provide status and photos throughout the installation so you’re informed.
  • ROSI will perform a final walk-though after all punch list items are completed.

We believe that an exceptional project manager delivers tangible value that you likely won’t capture on your own. Our ROSI Office Systems project managers and design team work hard to transform the spaces where people live, work and play. They deliver solutions and inspire success.

So when you’ve found that there isn’t enough time to do everything on your list, contact us for a free consultation. We’re here and ready to see your office design through all the way. This is what we do every single day.

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