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High-Quality Low-Cost Cubicles Since 1993

Are you looking to purchase cubicles for your new or growing business? We offer a comprehensive selection of new and remanufactured cubicles to ensure that you will get the system you need that maximizes productivity and minimizes cost.


Top cubicle considerations for your business:

Cubicle colors – Did you know adding the right color to your office workspace can boost productivity, mood, or ideas, depending on which color you select? Cubicle color is also an important part of portraying your company’s image. ROSI’s remanufactured and new cubicles come in a wide selection of fabric colors, trim colors, and work surface colors. Our custom remanufactured cubicles even have glass inserts available to increase light flow throughout the office.

Cubicle sizesHouston area cubicles come in all shapes and sizes. The 4-pack, 6 pack or 8-pack are typical configurations. The actual size of each cubicle, however, is getting smaller as companies are leasing less space and employees need less storage. Getting the best use out of less cubicle space is ROSI’s specialty. We’ve designed efficient, usable space in the Houston area cubicles for over 20 years, and will show you how to get more from less.

Cubicle Heights – Getting the right height for your office cubicles depends so much on the intended use. Are these cubicles for a call center, managers, accounting, banking, graphic design, or engineering? No matter the professional focus, ROSI provides the right cubicles for your Houston area business function.

Cubicle Accessories – Cubicle storage is another consideration which is often not thought out. There are many options such as file cabinets, bookshelves, drawers and more. Another popular accessory is the whiteboard. A whiteboard fits securely along a cubicle wall and allows employees to keep notes, designs or task lists handy.

Cubicle Brands – Haworth, Steelcase, ROSI’s Remanufactured Brand (REcube) and ROSI’s New Cubicle Workstation Synergy, are the customer favorites. ROSI will provide a wide selection of cubicles when discussing your specific cubicle needs. You can be sure, all of ROSI’s cubicle brands were chosen due to their quality, support, and functionality.

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