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Create a Professional Office Environment Effortlessly


Enjoy an amazing working environment with the breathtaking solutions from ROSI, the office furniture Houston professionals. Give your office the ideal blend of expertise, functionality, and style.

Our demountable walls and partition panels offer a wide variety of decor choices and working solutions:

  • Glass
  • Glassboard
  • Fabric
  • Vinyl
  • Wood
  • Metal

With endless options for modern home office furniture, the sky is the limit for taking working areas to the next level. Create a space that truly feels like an executive corporate office.

Discover Elegant Demountable Walls

If you dream of a sleek office with clear panels, demountable walls

can bring this design vision to life. Installing the best dividers isn’t as complex as you may think. Demountable walls can provide significant money savings.

The versatile partitions install firmly in the location of your choosing and can be moved anytime you want. They’re designed to rest on top of carpeting, concrete, or other types of flooring. High-quality metal frames hold each panel in place, offering excellent durability and professionalism.

Our team measures the height required, ensuring a perfect fit. Each partition is manufactured locally, so we can coordinate delivery and installation according to your desired time frame.

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Enjoy the Benefits of Modern Office Furniture Houston

Demountable walls and other office dividers provide many advantages. They’re ideal for large, medium and even small businesses, and corporate team members who want to get things done despite COVID-19. Here are several benefits:

1. Excellent Virus Protection

Clear demountable walls minimize your exposure to the coronavirus from other individuals or family members. This type of setup can allow you to continue working while keeping everyone safe. We can even install a temperature screening device for additional prevention.

There are many options for virus protection, such as a counter shield by Loftwall or a floor-to-ceiling wall divider. These sleek surfaces are easy to dust and disinfect, giving you an ultra-clean working environment that can keep allergies to a minimum.

2. Amazing Privacy

Sometimes you need to have a video conference with an important client or coordinate on projects remotely with coworkers. These are moments where your reputation depends on keeping on-screen distractions to a minimum. Demountable walls are perfect for creating a private, professional working environment.

For example, with freestanding panels from Global, you can create an attractive corner office. Acoustic room dividers help to deaden noise so you can concentrate on the task at hand.

3. Incredible Custom Office Layouts for Every Office

With demountable walls, there’s no limit to the kind of office you can create. Our office dividers make it happen easily. This type of modern office furniture looks amazing even in a huge office.

4. Minimal Installation Requirements

One of the biggest benefits of choosing demountable walls from the office furniture Houston experts is the ease of installation. Forget about hiring a general contractor to put up drywall. Our movable office dividers add a professional feel but cost far less. In addition, your new office is ready to go almost immediately instead of waiting weeks for construction to finish.

Design an Amazing Office With Creative Flair

No two offices are exactly alike. Some entrepreneurs prefer a strict, serious backdrop. Many writers and design pros like to spice up space with personalized decorative touches. No matter what your design vision tells you, we can bring it to life.

Our dividers by Loftwall give you even more creativity with a variety of shapes, styles, and finishes. Whether you’re into industrial materials, modern art, minimalist surfaces of exotic inspiration, there’s always something to match.

Unleash your productivity with versatile Clarus glass boards. These dry erase panels and clear dividers work wonders for office organization. Write down the amazing ideas that pop into your head instantly.

Experience a Clean and Bright Working Environment

You’ll love the positive atmosphere provided by our stunning office dividers. Glass finishes spread illumination throughout the space. This natural lighting keeps you energized, happy, and focused. At the same time, demountable walls offer excellent virus protection and privacy. To learn more about our personalized office furniture Houston solutions, contact our expert team right away.

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