A True Story About How To Overcome Working In An Open Office

About a year ago our company decided to change up the office design.  I had to transition from the safety of my glorious office cubicle to an open office plan. It was a stressful change. I went from fabric-covered walls that gave me a sense of privacy to sitting at a table of people from all departments.  As one of the few marketing people in the organization I now felt like …Read More

10 Ways To Drink More Water At Work Like It Was Your Job

We’ve heard it time and again. Drink more water at work. Of course!  It’s easy and who doesn’t like water? It can help us lose weight, stimulate brain activity, fuel our muscles and lube our joints. It can even stop a headache in its tracks and relieve constipation with a bang. But how can we drink more water at work each day? We are so busy and spend most of the …Read More

12 Tips On How To Complete Your Work Tasks Before Lunch

I don’t know about you but if I don’t get my important work completed by lunch, it isn’t going to happen.  There is something about the jolt I receive after that lovely morning coffee hits my veins to really get me going.  This approach can be substantiated based on the Pareto Principle.  This principle states that 80 percent of your results come from 20 percent of your efforts.  How it …Read More

4 Things To Consider When Purchasing Small Business Office Furniture

If you’re just starting your business, planning your office space can be a little bit overwhelming. It CAN be a simple enough task if you stick to your list of essentials.  It’s important to narrow down your office furniture to what you really need to start off with.  Good planning will help you narrow down the choices to create a perfect working environment. Here are 4 things to consider when purchasing …Read More

San Antonio Office Cubicles Aid In Employee Satisfaction

The office layout that you choose for your San Antonio business has everything to do with your long-term success.  Choose correctly and it can boost productivity. But choose incorrectly and it can be detrimental to office morale and your bottom line. Many San Antonio companies traded in office cubicles for open offices, but this radical change may have been a misstep. Employees who work in open offices often are unsatisfied with the work …Read More

Austin Office Cubicles Are Still As Popular As Ever

A roll of the eyes usually follows the words “office cubicle”.  You can thank Dilbert comics for its sullied reputation for being a gray box resembling a cage or a prison. But don’t blame the office cubicle.  It remains one of the most cost effective ways to use space and over time has evolved into a sought after workstation. Here’s why the office cubicle is still a popular choice for many …Read More

Choosing The Right Office Chair For Your Employees

Choosing the right office chair for your employees isn’t as straightforward as it may seem.  It’s important to choose the correct one because after all, they’ll be the one spending many hours sitting in it.  Take into consideration the employee’s body type, work function and the dimensions of their current office desk. There are many types of office chairs to choose from.  Nowadays, almost every office chair will come with a variety of …Read More

The Must Haves For An Executive Office Cubicle

The trend of executives moving out of corner offices and into office cubicles is growing.  If the CEO’s goal is to make sure that everyone knows he or she is part of the team, then sitting in an executive office cubicle is a great way to show that. As an executive, you will not be shut away behind an office door.  You’ll be able to hear things that you wouldn’t …Read More

6 Annoying Office Cubicle Neighbors And How To Handle Them

When you spend 40 hours a week in an office with the same group of people someone is bound to start getting on your nerves. If you’re like me, you may silently endure it for a while, allowing that one annoying thing to bother you a little more each day. But if you’ve been there, you know that ignoring it doesn’t do anything to solve the problem—little by little, it just …Read More

Here’s How You Celebrate Halloween At Work The Easy Way

Every year many workplaces celebrate Halloween by creating a fun environment for their employees. This year, Halloween falls on a MONDAY. Yuck! Why not take advantage of it by giving employees a reason to love Monday? Celebrate the holiday with some fun, easy office ideas that will motivate even the scariest employee. If Halloween isn’t your thing, try to suck it up and play along. (If your employees have religious …Read More