These BioFit Chairs Are Perfect For Your Cleanroom

A cleanroom is typically used in manufacturing industries, most frequently in pharmaceutical or scientific research. A cleanroom designation requires the room to be filled with low levels of environmental pollutants such as dust, airborne microbes, aerosol particles, and chemical vapors. Working in a cleanroom isn’t easy. You have to be extra diligent with your environment and this becomes even truer when you think about what chairs to use in your cleanroom. …Read More

What Is An Active Sitting Office Chair?

The health benefits of having an active sitting office chair are well studied. These studies suggest that sitting for prolonged periods increases risk for heart disease, diabetes, cancer and death, even among people who exercise regularly. No wonder sitting is called ‘the new smoking’. So what’s the average office worker to do? Some employers will pay for a standing office desk while others may opt for an active sitting office chair that …Read More

10 Signs That It’s Time To Move Or Expand Your Office

As a successful business owner, you may soon find yourself in need of an office expansion. Staying put in a cramped office is not a solution. A smart business owner knows when it’s time to move somewhere with more breathing room. This is a process, which requires a good amount of effort and thought. Expanding can be a tough thing to get right. Whether due to a move to a …Read More

What Happened To Saying Thank You?

One of my biggest pet peeves is after the completion of a transaction the employee doesn’t say thank you. They just hand me the change and the bag and that’s it. Sometimes, out of habit, I am the one left saying thank you then the response from them is “no problem”. What? No problem….?! No – there IS a problem. Call me old fashioned but there is something valuable to receiving a …Read More

How To Handle A Co-Worker Who Is A Chronic Complainer

It’s hard to be productive when your office cubicle co-worker complains in your ear all day long. A chronic complainer believes the world is out to get them, but the truth is that they may not even know that they complain so much. Here are some helpful tips for handling those that have a desire for informing everyone about how the world that has wronged them. Express Empathy. This is the most important …Read More

7 Reasons Why It’s Good Business For Employees To Work From Home

Thanks to advancements in technology, working from home is a possibility for many workers. I’ve been able to enjoy working from home for nearly 5 years and I’ve found 7 solid reasons why it’s good businesses to allow employees work from home. Don’t get me wrong; there are certainly times when face-to-face interaction, collaboration and physical presence in the office are essential for success. But for the most part, it’s smart …Read More

The 6 Most Germiest Areas In The Office May Not Be Where You Think

Summer time colds are the absolute worst! My head is pounding and this cough has been plaguing me for over a week with no relief in sight. I wouldn’t wish this misery upon anyone – not even my annoying office cubicle neighbor (sorry, Jill). As the self-proclaimed office germaphobe, I’m wondering how did I pick up this current mega bug?! No one around me appears to be sick so where did I go …Read More

The Importance of Dual Purpose Office Furniture

Today’s offices are shrinking. There are fewer private offices, more standing desks, open-plan seating, office desk sharing, and — for many of those lucky enough to hang on to their own personal space — smaller footprints, with a typical office cubicle shrinking from a relatively roomy 8 feet by 10 feet to a snug 6 by 6. With this open office trend, most workspaces are now designed to do more …Read More

Should You Connect With Your Colleagues On Facebook?

Today’s office world can be complicated thanks to the use of social networks. LinkedIn and Twitter are the most used professional social networks in business. With Twitter, unless you lock your account, tweets are available for anyone to see. LinkedIn is clearly a business-focused platform. It provides an easy way to send messages to professional contacts and to introduce people to each other. But what about Facebook? Facebook was originally created …Read More

Tips For Looking Professional In An Overly Air-conditioned Office

It’s 100 degrees outside but are you freezing cold in your office? If you’re a woman, you’re not alone. It happens every summer: Offices turn on the air-conditioning, and women freeze into icicles. While noise pollution is the number one complaint given in an open office, thermal discomfort is a close second, especially among female office workers. Remember the study last year revealing that office temperatures are based on a man’s average metabolic …Read More