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  Inside the January 29th ROSI Office Systems Office newsletter you’ll find: One Man Takes a Stand to Stand Up at the Office. Sign-up for Price Alert and know about increases before your budget does. Easily creating optimal works space for Big and Tall Employees–cheaply too. Find out all you need to know this week at the office. Visit ROSI Office SystemsUSA

Instagram Office Dogs & Office Cats

It’s Monday so we need to start the day off slowly and ease into it. How about after a cup of coffee and these cute office dogs and office cats from Instgram? We justify taking a minute (or two) of oohing and awwwing over these fuzzy pups and felines because ROSI Office Systems is ‘everything office’ and everything should definitely include a furry office assistant. Don’t you agree? Instagrammer, @paulalexanderclark …Read More

Avoiding the Most Germ-ridden Office Furniture

Are you tired of hearing your co-workers sneeze and cough? Do you want to avoid the same? Check out this video with sage advice on avoiding the germiest places at office. Colds and flue are no joke so arm yourself with the knowledge to stay healthy at the office. HINT: You may want to grab some antibiotic wipes or alcohol and give your office furniture a good wipe.  

Employees take a stand to stand up at work

Workers are finding a way to stand up at work more, even without their employer’s help. As more and more studies find that sitting is literally shaving years off our lives, employees are still finding resistance when asked to have a standing alternative at their jobs. Meet one employee that found his own solution that caught on. Eventually, the company relented, thanks in part, to one employee who knew he …Read More

Boeing’s New Factory Office Space

It’s a building inside a building! When Boeing wanted to put the designers and engineers closer to the work being done on their new aircraft, it was decided to build the office space inside the factory space. It puts the Boeing designers literally on top of their project. Instead of wasting 20-minutes walking to meetings, the designers can now be on the floor, collaborating withing minutes. READ MORE >>> The …Read More

Office Trend Future Predictions

These office trend predictions are nothing new, however, they will accelerate rapidly and create opportunities and losses. Some good and some bad. Office furniture will continue to become “de-cubed” with the expansion of the popular open-office concept with cluster work stations and bench desk systems. Work culture will become even more important as companies do their best to attract and retain the best talent and artificial intelligence will take over …Read More

A Big and Tall Office Furniture Design

According to Business Insider, the average male height is 69.5 inches (5 feet 9.5 inches) and the average waist size is 39.1 inches (and growing).  However, the basic rule of ergonomics is that there is no such thing as an  “average” human. As companies strive to retain top talent, it becomes increasingly important to provide the proper office furniture and space needed for a bigger or taller (or both) employee. But, …Read More

Open space okay but give employees options

Remember the days when technology dictated the layout of office space and office furniture? Telephone wiring, data cabling and more tethered employees to one space and one space only. Office furniture needed to be designed to hold all the wiring and keep it out of the employee’s work space. However, today’s wi-fi has unleashed so many office space options. Herman Miller’s latest blog, A Well-Balanced Feel, talks about all these options …Read More

Office Budget Tips for the New Year

With the new year comes a fresh, new office budget. If you’re like many, it holds both promises and challenges. Here are some tips to get the most from your 2015 office budget. 1. BUY USED INSTEAD OF NEW: Remanufactured cubicles and work stations save 30% to 70% and you’ll never know the different. ReCube by ROSI uses Haworth frames and refinishes to customer’s specifications. They’ll even match existing cubicle systems. …Read More

Top 10 Office Trends for 2015

What will the New Year bring for office trends for 2015 in office space, culture and environment? Here are some highlights of office trends for 2015: More job-hopping, less employee retention. Companies will take their recruiting game mobile and to social media. More people are stepping out of traditional career paths. READ MORE >>> This list by Forbes shows touches on a few challenges ahead for companies in 2015 …Read More

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