Study Shows Productivity Decrease with an Open Office

This article by Business Insider reflects on an early 2002 study in which was discovered a myriad of drawbacks on the open office concept. It follows an energy company’s employees as they transition from a traditional office to an open plan. The take-away from this article is that balance is the key. ROSI Office Systems has items that can be incorporated into your open office design to create quiet …Read More

5 Ways Employees Carve Out Privacy in an Open Office

I vividly remember walking through a local Real Estate company and seeing two glass partitioned work spaces opposite each other with the hallway running down the middle. Both open office spaces were about 100 square feet, however, they were both crammed with employees running around, chatting on the phone, etc., etc. It was as if I was a spectator at the zoo when I met their eyes. Frankly, they looked …Read More

Cute office dogs and office cats

W.C. Fields said “Never work with children or animals.” But, who can resist this Monday jolt of cuteness? How lucky are these offices to have office dogs or office cats? Would you work with a dog or cat in your office cubicles in Austin or office cubicles in San Antonio? How about you Houston?   What a great way to keep stress levels at a minimum in the office! Would you work with …Read More

Office Seating Arrangements: Ready to Play “Office Musical Chairs”?

Office seating arrangements and assigned seats seem to be a thing of the past. Today’s innovative office is choosing to keep it loose and allow employees to find their ideal work space or work spaces. Other companies are choosing to reassign seating every 30-days or so. This gives employees the chance to meet new co-workers and contribute to different projects with just a few simple words in passing. What …Read More

10 Trends Affecting Office Space Planning

From a workforce talent shortage to active and flexible spaces, these 10 trends are impacting office space planning big time. Companies are realizing that engaged and comfortable employees are productive and boosting their bottom line. Has your employer made any positive changes?  

Five office cubicle gadgets to give this holiday season

Because of my penchant for the nerdy, I refer to my cubicle as my “Geek-O-Sphere”. In which, lies a realm of remarkable (to me) gadgets and toys to entertain, inspire and enjoy. From my Firefly Jayne Dress-Up Magnet, to the Dr. Who Tardis Talking Bank, my cubicle truly lives up to the name. But, whatever you deem your cubicle chochtkes, one thing is certain. It’s always a nice, brief escape when …Read More

An Alternative Office Meeting: The Focal Upright (video)

Focal Upright is another answer to the ‘sitting disease’. If you haven’t heard yet, sitting is killing us quickly so companies are coming up with sitting alternatives such as standing desks, sit-to-stand desk and treadmill desks. Focal Upright furniture was founded by Martin Keen, of Keen Shoes fame. The desks have a slight tilt and the raised seats tilt toward the desk so you are leaning back as you work, keeping …Read More

ROSI Office Systems November 20 Newsletter

  Inside the November 20th ROSI Office Systems Office newsletter you’ll find: Sound Masking. What is it? Technology Misconceptions Area business news including Houston Office news, Austin Office news and San Antonio Office news Find out all you need to know this week at the office. Visit

Tesla factory upgrade (video)

  Tesla just posted a one-minute time-lapse video that will have a wide appeal in the land of engineers, also known as Southeast, Texas. It takes us through their recent factory upgrade to allow Tesla to increase production from 22,000 cars to 35,000.  Here is what was accomplished during the Tesla factory upgrade: Upgraded the assembly line Added capacity to the body shop Enhanced power train assembly Revamped facilities for employees Tesla is …Read More

What is Sound Masking?

Office trends and buzz words come and go. Changes in the type of work we do, changes in the culture of our employees and changes in our technology environment constantly drives us to a new “latest thing”.  Occasionally one comes along that is more than a passing fad and deserves to be notice. It is a technological shift that will change how your employees thrive in their space each and …Read More

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