History of the Office Cubicle

The Economist’s recent article on the history of the office cubicle, takes us back to the dawn of the office cubicle farm. It’s interesting to note that the designer of the cubicle or “Action Office 2″ as it was called in 1968, Robert Propst, envisioned an active work space with multiple levels for sitting and standing along with walls at 120 degree angles. It wasn’t until the accountants and office …Read More

7 Tips for Great Cubicle Etiquette

For many, these office cubicle etiquette tips are common sense, however, it takes just one co-worker not minding their “P’s” and “Cubicles”, before the pot is stirred and stress is boiling over. The idea is to maintain a sense of personal office space by respecting your Houston cubicle buddies’ physical office space and air space. After all, we’re all working in ‘Cubeland’ together. Which cubicle etiquette tips are you guilty of …Read More

How to Organize your Office

Have you ever tried to work effectively surrounded by chaos?  I’m not talking about audible noise you can hear; I’m talking about the noise your messy desk makes when it’s cluttered with junk!  Whether you work at home or in an office, keeping your office desk and surrounding office space organized is vital to the success of your career.  An organized office space not only makes a good first impression, it’s …Read More

The Future of Houston Office Space

I just finished this recent and informative post from coydavidson.com and feel compelled to share. It’s a look at how the Oil and Gas prices could affect the Houston Office market over the next 12 to 18 months. Coy does an excellent job of presenting the facts and how they will affect the office lease market as well as developer and current/future office space projects. HINT: It’s pretty good news if you’re …Read More

ROSI Office Systems March 19 Newsletter

Inside the March 19th ROSI Office Systems newsletter you will find: What will the future hold for office space? From the minds of two designers comes a mind-blowing look at an office space you may not ever want to leave. Next, we look at a word that is making the rounds, “collaborate”. Four quick tips will give you an edge up on building a productive team that works together. Spoiler …Read More

Corporate Office of the Future is Very Green

Two innovative designers received top honors by incorporating a high tech greenhouse within the corporate office. Their futuristic design could become reality and the grass would definitely be greener at this corporate office of 2025. In a recent blog, we discussed different ways to address employees’ number one complaint, sound privacy. It seems that within an open office or cubicle setting, hearing your neighbor’s every word or worse is a common …Read More

Open Office Versus Cubicles: Which is More Disruptive?

Open offices have gotten a bad rap over the last few years, especially for lack of privacy. While it is always a great idea to be flexible in your office design and create spaces for concentration and spaces for open collaboration, I have to ask, “Are open offices really that disruptive compared to 64″ high cubicles?”  I remember working in ‘cubicle land’ with 64″ high cubicle walls and about 60 square …Read More

Do you Collaborate Effectively?

As part of corporate America, I really enjoy working as a part of a cross-functional team to resolve a problem or create a program.  I thrive on it.  “It is time to collaborate!”  “Hooray!”  In my opinion, collaboration not only equals a happier workforce, it represents an educated one. It naturally inspires a sense of community within an organization, meaning that employees feel like they are a part of a family. Additionally, collaboration …Read More

What’s Behind Office Furniture Industry Growth?

More than economic factors, the WAY people are working is having a greater positive impact on furniture industry growth, according to a recent article at mibiz.com. A stronger economy and corporate profits along with available office space are the typical driving factors, however, industry experts recognize a change in how people conduct their work due to technological and social factors creating a positive mark on the office furniture industry. The …Read More

Is it possible to Run a Frugal and Happy Company?

How do they do it? Costco CEO Craig Jelinek has done it in the ultra competitive and difficult world of retail. One reason Craig Jelinek has created a happy company is Costco’s average pay, according to a recent Bloomberg Business report is $20.89. Their no-frills approach is not only reflected in the floor-to-ceiling, concrete stores, but also in their corporate office. They have a constitutional thrift that pays forward to employee …Read More

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