Why You Need a Space Planner For Your Next Office Redesign

Planning to redesign your office layout? As organizations grow, planning for staffing and space utilization becomes critical. Organizations that have grown, downsized, or simply reorganized can benefit from having a professional space planner assist in the transition. Deciding to add-on to the current building, build up, move locations, rent space, build an office building, or redesign current space is important. But why not just leave space planning solely to the …Read More

Are You A Good Office Cubicle Neighbor or An Annoying One?

I truly do miss working in an office cubicle. There was something comforting about a little “boxed-off” section of the office that was solely mine. A place where I could escape, keep my head down and get my work done! That is, unless the day was filled with distractions from annoying office cubicle neighbors. Know what I’m talking about? It can be frustrating to realize that after nine jam-packed hours in …Read More

How To Work For A Micromanaging Boss

I’ve had all types of managers – lazy, clueless, supportive, encouraging, inspiring and micromanaging just to name a few. For me, the most challenging type of boss to work for was the super controlling boss who loved to spend their time looking over my shoulder micromanaging my every move.  If you work for one, I’m sure you’ll agree it’s demoralizing, to say the least. However, there’s hope and dare I …Read More

5 Easy Heart Healthy Changes To Make At Work

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. The month of February is dedicated to raising awareness about heart disease and increasing knowledge about prevention. Workplace habits play a big role in heart health and it’s becoming more common for businesses to have heart healthy employee wellness programs to raise awareness to the problem. But even if your work does not actively participate in an official …Read More

What’s The Story With A Monitor Arm, Anyway?

Once upon a time there was a girl who didn’t use a Monitor Arm, instead she used a pile of shoe boxes to get her monitor at just the right ergonomic height. Shocking! Disturbing! If this sounds like a great introduction to your next horror novella, you may be right. Suffering from neck and back pain is terrible – in fact, it’s a nightmare. Having your monitor at the right height …Read More

Healthy Employees Make BETTER Office Workers

Common sense tells us that if your employees are healthy and happy they will be better office workers. Do you agree? Investing in an employee wellness program will directly affect your bottom line. It’s a no brainer. You are guaranteed to see a return on your investment when you show concern for the wellbeing of your workforce. It’s proven that healthy employees make more productive workers lowering turnover and absenteeism. …Read More

7 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues at Work

Somewhere around the middle of January, I’m struck by the winter blues and I stay in a perpetual state of being frozen. This causes my energy levels to dip, my emotions to fluctuate way more than they usually do, and I start to drag my feet and get a lot less done. As someone who works from home, it’s easy to want to hide in a nest of blankets, turn …Read More

A Lifespan Treadmill Desk Makes It Easy To Fit Exercise Into Your Day

People are always complaining about how hard it is to fit exercise into your day (me included) and stay fit, especially during the winter months. Compared to other ways that you can spend time, exercise can be a chore. This is especially true when you’re talking about things that aren’t necessarily exciting such as walking. Walking outside, getting fresh air is great but during the winter months, forget it. You …Read More

The Story of a Standing Desk Convert

Probably like you, I spend about 45 to 50 hours a week working on my computer. Up until a week ago, I did that work sitting on my ever-expanding behind. I don’t blame the desk entirely for the expansion, but it hasn’t helped. Last Monday, I adjusted my office desk to standing height. I spent the majority of the week working on my feet, and I’m never going back to …Read More

2016 Collaborative Office Design Trends

In 2015, there were many opinions about the rise of open office designs. The key feature of the open office was collaboration and the best thing about a collaborative office design is how versatile it is. The 2016 collaborative office design trends will continue to foster an environment where teamwork is made easy. With mobile technology, employees are no longer required to sit tied to their office cubicles. In 2016, you’ll …Read More