Should You Connect With Your Colleagues On Facebook?

Today’s office world can be complicated thanks to the use of social networks. LinkedIn and Twitter are the most used professional social networks in business. With Twitter, unless you lock your account, tweets are available for anyone to see. LinkedIn is clearly a business-focused platform. It provides an easy way to send messages to professional contacts and to introduce people to each other. But what about Facebook? Facebook was originally created …Read More

Tips For Looking Professional In An Overly Air-conditioned Office

It’s 100 degrees outside but are you freezing cold in your office? If you’re a woman, you’re not alone. It happens every summer: Offices turn on the air-conditioning, and women freeze into icicles. While noise pollution is the number one complaint given in an open office, thermal discomfort is a close second, especially among female office workers. Remember the study last year revealing that office temperatures are based on a man’s average metabolic …Read More

Favorite Neocon 2016 Office Furniture Designs & Trends

    Just got back from three days of the biggest and brightest commercial interiors showcase held in Chicago, Illinois at The Merchandise Mart. The Neocon 2016 event brought together architects, interior designers, furniture dealers, manufacturers, product designers, and more. It’s the most innovative minds in the office furniture, office design and contract furniture industry all under one roof and we are always psyched to attend every year. The new ideas …Read More

Neocon Highlights The Active Workspace Design

Once again, design innovations at NeoCon emphasized active workspaces to increase employee satisfaction. Designers featured workspaces that made it easy to remain active at work. An active workplace is more than just offering employees a sit-to-stand office desk (although there were plenty of those highlighted as well). The goal this year was to create an active culture within an office environment to keep employees engaged beyond ergonomic office furniture. It involved strategic …Read More

5 Money Saving Tips to Buying Office Furniture

If it’s time for your business to buy office furniture, you’ve come to the right place. Purchasing office furniture can be a major investment and decision. That’s why ROSI Office Systems offers a few simple tips to buying office furniture to make sure you make the right choices for your organization or office. Plan Ahead Before you even start to look at office furniture, create a plan. This plan should …Read More

Losing Your Temper At Work? Here’s How To Keep Your Cool.

Have you ever been in one of those situations at work when you feel anger so intense that you don’t know how to stop it? It could be that your project is derailed by a different department, perhaps no one will approve your customer order (which will result in a ton of commission) or maybe your boss assigns you more work and you are already overloaded. Whatever the situation, you …Read More

Technology Will Make The Conference Room Functional Again

Look around your conference room. Is it outdated? Does the focal point of the room consist of a giant wooden table covered in wires connecting you to technology that never works right? It can be frustrating but despite technology advancement in all other aspects of our working lives, most meeting rooms still consist of the same traditional setup: a conference phone, a screen, a whiteboard and maybe some video conferencing …Read More

Benching. The Latest Trend In Office Space Design.

Benching is the latest trend in office space design. These modular systems are used to convert a workspace using “bench-like” office desks, which can accommodate more than one person at a time. Benching is becoming a popular trend because companies are looking for better ways to leverage office space. It’s a creative way to reduce the footprint per person and yet have flexibility for workers that may not be in the office …Read More

How To Manage Noise Pollution In The Office

It turns out that AC/DC was wrong. Rock and Roll IS noise pollution especially if it’s played in the office. Irritating noises can come from all kinds of sources: a jackhammer, air conditioning, obnoxious ringtones, traffic, nearby construction and other people’s voices. All natural and unnatural noises can interrupt an otherwise calm moment. And it just isn’t annoying; it’s actually a recognized health issue. Noise pollution causes stress; sleep disorders, …Read More

Active Office Design – What Is It And Why Is It Important?

Have you heard of active office design? Active office design is just what it sounds like – it’s an office space that encourages employees to lead a healthier, active lifestyle. That doesn’t mean that you have to install a workout facility on every floor, more simply, it means giving employees office furniture options to become more active while working. It’s the antidote to the ever-increasing problem of “sitting disease” and it’s …Read More