ROSI Office Systems April 16 Newsletter

Inside the ROSI Office Systems April 16th newsletter: READ IT HERE >>> Trending Topic – What is Active Office Design and How to get it. Video Series – It’s not a surprise that sitting and working at your desk causes pain. But, there are easy things you can do to help right now! Company News – ROSI Office Systems’ trucks just got w rapped. Take a look at the final …Read More

Are you Hot Desking?

Hot Desking anyone? Once upon a time, your office desk was your home away from home. It served as a place to display your awards, favorite sports team paraphernalia and obligatory family photos. It became a nice little hiding place that gave you just the right amount of privacy to be productive without distraction. But this cozy space is slowly being taken away. Why you ask? You can blame Hot …Read More

What Should an Office Chair Cost?

When comparing an office chair to other consumer goods, it seems the office chair just does not receive the amount of respect and love that say a sofa or dining room table gets. Yet, these two pieces–sofa and dining room table– get used less frequently than an office chair. In my opinion, an office chair should cost close to what you paid for your XBox or Sony Playstation, so why …Read More

Budget Saving Office Tips

April marks the beginning of the second quarter for many companies so let’s do a budget check! Show of hands…how many budgets are still in tact? Let me guess, your budget has already been slashed, cut or otherwise left unrecognizable from what was “doable” at the start of 2015. With change comes the tendency to start slashing yourself. But, before you do, make sure you’ve followed up on these five …Read More

How to Choose the Best Office Design Layout

If you Google search “open office spaces” or “cubicles” you’ll find a ton of passionate “pro and con” arguments as to which office design layout is more productive.   It can be an overwhelming decision. How and what design to choose is determined by your industry, the service or product you provide, and your budget. It can be confusing and expensive. So how do you decide what is best? The good news …Read More

Why White Office Walls are a Terrible Idea

White walls in a home are trendy, but in the office they can seriously hamper productivity according to a recent blog post from Stephanie Vozza at Study participants were tested performing simple clerical tasks and it was discovered that more errors were made in rooms with white walls. The scariest part of this post is that most office walls are white, off-white or gray, none of which do anything for …Read More

Can Office Cubicles Be Collaborative?

Collaborative, open office designs are increasing in popularity. If you’re one of many companies with office cubicles and without the budget to upgrade to an open office space all is not lost. There are several easy and affordable ways to make your office full of cubicles more collaborative. Check out these out: 1. Decrease office cubicle wall height. Standard cubicles over the past 30 years consisted of high walls, typically 67 …Read More

3 Tips to Manage Technology’s Effect on the Workplace

Technology is constantly changing and the effect of that change on the workplace can be positive or negative. It’s up to you to harness the effect and manage the change. From realizing the need to optimizing your space and planning your future now, here are some tips from to help. 1. It was just yesterday that job seekers lamented about poor prospects in the job marketplace. That is quickly changing and the …Read More

How to Survive Office Politics? Here are 6 Tips.

Office politics.  You can’t escape it.  It can be found in every type of business.  But what exactly IS “office politics” anyway?  In the simplest of terms, it is the differences between people at work; differences in opinions, or conflicts of interests which are often manifested as “office politics”. It all comes down to human communications and relationships. Office politics are challenging for everyone but some people handle it much …Read More

A look inside Google’s NYC Office Space Design (Video)

This four and a half minute YouTube Video from takes us on a tour of Google’s New York City office space. You’ll see creative solutions to space challenges along with whimsical touches such as fire hydrants, subway grates and a NYC apartment replica. This design leaves nothing out and makes work a destination instead of the usual grind. Creating a work place destination instead of the same old tired cubicle …Read More