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7 Office Holiday Party Alternatives That Will Please Everyone


The winter holidays are a great opportunity for employees to bond. Yet, it can also be a source of conflict for HR managers, who must make sure the season doesn’t lead to hurt feelings, discomfort or worse—a charge of religious discrimination.  It’s virtually impossible to restrict holiday observances completely from the workplace and what’s the Read More

8 Questions To Ask Before Your Next Office Design

ROSI Office Systems

Time for an office makeover? As any office manager can tell you, designing the next office space without the help of a professional is challenging. Browsing endless pages of online products can raise more questions than provide answers. Not to mention navigating the myriad of styles, color choices and accessories can leave your head spinning. Sometimes too Read More

Here’s Why to Buy New Office Furniture Before Year End

Here is why to buy new office furniture before year end

It’s that time of year again when everyone’s thoughts turn to decorating, baking, shopping, and gift-giving. But, as a business owner, facilities manager or business unit manager, you’re probably thinking ahead a few months and wondering what tax deductions you can squeeze in before the end of 2016. Buying new office furniture before year end Read More

4 Common Healthcare Furniture Buying Mistakes

ROSI Office Systems

Buying furniture for a healthcare facility requires some considerations that go far beyond aesthetics. Sure, you want it to look good but you must also take into consideration the comfort and safety of your patients and employees.  By avoiding these common buying mistakes, you can help ensure that the healthcare furniture you select will serve the Read More

6 Smart Reasons To Choose Remanufactured Office Cubicles

ROSI Office Systems

Are you looking to buy office cubicles for your new or growing business? Remanufactured office cubicles are a smart choice when remodeling, upgrading, or furnishing a new office. Remanufactured office cubicles look like new but for a fraction of the price. ROSI creates a custom selection of remanufactured office cubicles (REcube) in-house to ensure that you will Read More

9 Easy Office Cubicle Decorating Tips for Autumn

ROSI Office Systems

Autumn is a season of warmth and reflection. You can bring that autumn feeling to your coworkers and clients with a few simple changes to your office cubicle decor.  In fact, studies have shown that when employees decorate their office cubicles it increases productivity, socialization and networking.   So jump right in and get your office Read More

Design Your Next Office Space With Employee Comfort And Convenience In Mind

ROSI Office Systems

One of the most important predictors of productivity in the office environment is the environment itself. A well-designed office space has a direct relation to the work output of your employees. Since the office is such a vibrant place, it pays to ensure that its design works for your employees.  First, take into account your employee’s comfort level Read More

2 Ways To Overcome Noise Distractions In An Open Office

ROSI Office Systems

In an open office environment, you’re dealing with noise distractions. It can come in the form of music, phone conversations or impromptu desk meetings.  If you work somewhere trendy then maybe you’ll even find yourself working amongst the backdrop of a Ping-Pong match.  Any of these noise distractions can make for a stressful environment. The frustration is even greater for introverts Read More

Office Design Influences Employee Happiness

ROSI Office Systems

Many office managers have already discovered the link between office design and the happiness of employees. In turn, businesses have found that workplace happiness ties directly to worker retention. It’s a no brainer, right?  With people spending one-third or more of their lives at work, the atmosphere of one’s workspace influences employee happiness and productivity, not Read More

Why More People Are Moving From The Home Office To The Shared Office

ROSI Office Systems

The draw of the shared office has appealed to the lonely home-office worker and allowed coffee shop based freelancers to forgo the obligatory cup of coffee purchase for an all-day workstation. But workers aren’t going back to the office….for the office.  They are going back to the office to be around people again. A shared office Read More

Celebrate Thanksgiving in Meaningful Ways With Your Employees

ROSI Office Systems

It has been a stressful time in our nation. A nation divided. But, the good news is that it’s almost Thanksgiving!  Thanksgiving is a time for gratitude. But at its core, it’s a season for sharing and a season for giving.  So let’s put our differences aside to let each other know how thankful we are.  Read More

4 Must Have Office Furniture and Accessories For Any Workspace    

ROSI Office Systems

In today’s connect world, your “office” doesn’t necessarily mean you can only do work in an office.  Many of us work from home, from the car and just about anywhere there is a decent Wi-Fi connection.  You may even choose to work from the beaches of Siesta Key and if that describes you, I’m green Read More

Top 5 Things Coworkers Argue About Now That The Elections Are Over

coworkers argue and roll their eyes

With the election season over, our impassioned political office debates can now move along to other less personal arguments. Soon, we can get back to the more mundane but often entertaining issues of day-to-day office life. Here are the top 5 things coworkers argue about, in case you need a refresher. The Daily Mail reported on a poll Read More

This is why you should NOT come to work sick

Ill business woman in office

It’s cold and flu season again and I cannot stand it when someone comes into work sick with a horrible cold or worse – the flu.  If you have a fever, a cough or the sniffles, go away.  Do NOT come into the office, no thank you.  Yes, yes. I get it. Everyone is busy.  Read More

A True Story About How To Overcome Working In An Open Office


About a year ago our company decided to change up the office design.  I had to transition from the safety of my glorious office cubicle to an open office plan. It was a stressful change. I went from fabric-covered walls that gave me a sense of privacy to sitting at a table of people from all Read More

10 Ways To Drink More Water At Work Like It Was Your Job


We’ve heard it time and again. Drink more water at work. Of course!  It’s easy and who doesn’t like water? It can help us lose weight, stimulate brain activity, fuel our muscles and lube our joints. It can even stop a headache in its tracks and relieve constipation with a bang. But how can we Read More

12 Tips On How To Complete Your Work Tasks Before Lunch


I don’t know about you but if I don’t get my important work completed by lunch, it isn’t going to happen.  There is something about the jolt I receive after that lovely morning coffee hits my veins to really get me going.  This approach can be substantiated based on the Pareto Principle.  This principle states Read More

4 Things To Consider When Purchasing Small Business Office Furniture


If you’re just starting your business, planning your office space can be a little bit overwhelming. It CAN be a simple enough task if you stick to your list of essentials.  It’s important to narrow down your office furniture to what you really need to start off with.  Good planning will help you narrow down the Read More

San Antonio Office Cubicles Aid In Employee Satisfaction


The office layout that you choose for your San Antonio business has everything to do with your long-term success.  Choose correctly and it can boost productivity. But choose incorrectly and it can be detrimental to office morale and your bottom line. Many San Antonio companies traded in office cubicles for open offices, but this radical change may Read More

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