Redesign Your Office Space With Movable Modular Walls

The redesign of your office space can be fast, easy and affordable with flexible modular wall systems.  Highly functional partitions can serve as office walls to address the backlash of noisy open office spaces.  The sound absorbing custom panels can move to conform to any space. Modular office partition walls are inexpensive compared to standard construction methods.  They can also adapt. They can reconfigure, as your company’s needs change. Modular walls make separating …Read More

Annoying Situations You May Encounter On Your Next Conference Call

The idea of a “conference call” wasn’t recently invented but with all of the annoyances that occur during one, you’d think it was a new concept. No one looks forward to having a conference call. And, most of the time you’d rather do anything but join one. Yet sometimes there’s no way around it. Comedy duo Tripp and Tyler have imagined a conference call situation in their video, “A Conference Call in …Read More

Multitasking At The Office Actually Makes You LESS Productive

Many people think that multitasking at the office makes you twice as productive. But I’m here to tell you it does not. Here is a typical workday. As you are listening to music, you send an email, text with your friends and prepare a presentation for a meeting all the while watching the clock.  It’s multitasking at its finest. Sound familiar? I bet you think you’re the master multitasker. But science says you’re not. …Read More

The Contemporary Low Wall Office Cubicle Is Gaining In Popularity

Mention the words “office cubicle” and an image of a lifeless gray fabric square box pops into your head. Fortunately, today’s office cubicle is anything but lifeless and gray.  Today, the contemporary low wall office cubicle is highly sought after.  In fact, it’s becoming one of the most popular workspace systems used in the office. Office cubicles with low walls give employees a better line of sight.  A lower wall opens the workspace up to …Read More

Improve Your Company’s Bottom Line With Ergonomic Workspaces from AMQ

Ergonomic workspaces can help your employees feel their best and may even help improve your bottom line. Ergonomic workspaces improve employee productivity by limiting the stress and strain they experience during a typical workday. Office furniture from AMQ, a ROSI Office Systems manufacturer, makes it easy to improve ergonomics while also improving the aesthetic design of your office. AMQ has everything from benching-style workstations to monitor arms and keyboard trays plus sit-to-stand …Read More

Natural Light Makes Workers More Productive And Creative

Have you ever noticed how your body can mimic the lighting in your office? It’s not referred to as “mood lighting” for nothing. A dimly lit room is not inspiring. It doesn’t make workers energetic, instead it makes them want to relax. You might as well tell your staff to return home because not a lot can be accomplished when workers feel too mellow. Conversely, a brightly lit room filled with artificial light …Read More

Understanding Your Co-worker From A Different Generation

How diverse is your workplace? Do you find it difficult to relate to a person from an older or younger generation? As people retire later in life, it’s not uncommon for businesses to employ multiple generations of workers. The key to understanding co-workers from a different generation is simple. You must first identify that each generation has its own distinct characteristics, values, and attitudes toward work, based on life experiences. …Read More

Office Space to Classrooms – Open, Unassigned Seating Is Here To Stay

Last week my husband and I attended our son’s elementary school “Meet the Teacher” night. Since my job focuses on office design and office furniture, I was amazed at the parallels between today’s classroom and today’s office space. Both are trending towards the same thing – open, unassigned seating. Seating is arranged to allow the students (or employees) to choose a spot where you can do your best work. The idea …Read More

3 Easy Ways To Work When You Feel Like An Office Zombie

Are you staring a blank hole through your computer screen? Late night? Feel like an office zombie? Whether you are suffering from sleep deprivation or you just find yourself in an unexplainable fog this morning, it’s time to get to work. We all have days when we just aren’t feeling energetic but when you’ve got important work to do, you can’t simply go back to bed. You need to stay …Read More

Going Green Can Make A Big Impact To The Company’s Bottom Line

Going green at the office may sound more difficult than it really is. Small changes can make a big impact on employee health and productivity. Not to mention how good it is for the company’s bottom line…oh and yes, Mother Earth! Green office spaces that help the working environment have business owners looking for ways to become eco-friendlier. It doesn’t have to be hard. Here are some effective ways business owners can …Read More