Building an office in Houston? Here are five things you need to know.

There are quite a few designs available that cubicles in Houston has to offer and knowing how to choose the right provider should make things easier. Here are the factors to consider. Office Task The type of work done by the office staff determines the design and layout of the cubicles. For telemarketing and call center offices, you may opt for the bench-style cubicles. For group dynamics and collaboration, the …Read More

Productivity on the Office Treadmill Desk – 4 Tips

Using an office treadmill desk or standing desk provides a variety of benefits such as increased circulation and energy, but what about actually “working” while you’re walking? Can it be done? Creating a functional and productive work space can happen by using the same ergonomic tools needed at a traditional desk. That, along with these other tricks, will keep you in motion.

How to Adjust your Computer Monitor Height and Save your Back

October is National Ergonomics Month and a time to highlight the importance of treating our bodies kindly while working. It’s a time to take notice of things we may not be doing correctly throughout the day that cause unnecessary pain, discomfort and, sometimes, serious injury. However, with projects due and emails needing returned, it’s difficult to take the time to focus on our own well being. But, imagine if you …Read More

Ergonomic Office Advice for my Twenty-something Self

I can remember when the ergonomic adviser would stop by my office cubicle when I was a pain-free, bright-eyed twenty-something. Being the rebel, I would feign interest and then resume the unadvised positions as soon as they were out of sight. After many…many years in an office chair and at a desk, there is one critical ergonomic tip I would like to tell my impetuous younger self.

Cubicles and Office Furniture Rentals: When is renting better than buying?

Business is booming and so are office furniture rentals in Houston. Have you noticed the scaffolding filling our skyline as you travel around Sam Houston Parkway or West on Katy Freeway? Typically, a boom brings excitement, construction jobs, office jobs, and is fantastic for the economy. But for the facilities’ manager or business owner, fast growth, crazy demand and construction shortages mean space planning headaches which require quick temporary solutions. …Read More

Increase Employees’ Productivity with Innovative Houston Cubicles

The debate over open work -spaces has not settled down, with many employees and employers citing this office plan’s benefits and disadvantages. On the one hand, there are those which tout the positive effects of open office plans, the most notable of which is creating a highly collaborative working environment. Another advantage is fostering communication and information sharing among the staff.

Ready for your cubicle installation? Here’s a checklist.

Your new office planning is finally finished and the project has graduated to the cubicle install phase. Congratulations!  But, before ROSI arrives to set up your cubicles, take a minute to run through this “Install Checklist.” With all the boxes checked, ROSI will quickly deliver and set up your cubicles so down-time is minimized and business is up-and-running. If you need any assistance checking these boxes, let us know and ROSI …Read More

Common Data Cabling Terms Explained

Wouldn’t it be helpful if you could use the same data cabling lingo as your office cable installation resource? We’ve come up with a quick user’s guide to help with your next office move or expansion, in order to speak/understand their language.

3 Apps Every Facilities Manager Needs

The average Facilities Manager has more irons in the fire than a blacksmith at a renaissance fair.  Keeping your designs, files and images within reach, plus, collaborating effectively are often a pipe dream. In addition, it’s getting even tougher to handle the increasing amount of information flying at us at a rapid pace. These three apps will change the way you work. They are available on any device and we, …Read More

3 reasons to add glass panels to your office cubicle installation.

You’ve watched the open office trend, but aren’t sure you’re ready to knock down those cubicle walls on your upcoming project? Adding a glass panel to the upper portion of a cubicle will do wonders for your office environment.  It can be subtle changes that encourage collaboration and teamwork. Below are the top THREE reasons to add glass panels to your next cubicle installation. 1) Glass panels open up the office …Read More

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