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10 Office Cubicle Solutions for Small Businesses


10 Office Cubicle Solutions for Small Businesses

10 Office Cubicle Solutions for Small Businesses

Are you looking for a desking solution for your small business? To maximize space in your office, cubicles can be an extremely functional and affordable solution. And believe it or not – they are stylish too. We’ve rounded up the best of the best cubicle solutions for your office.

(1) Thinkpod by Fluid Concepts 

Thinkpod’s unique shape makes it a great choice for small or awkward spaces. Plus, you can add more workstations or rearrange them if the need arises. Full or partial circular styles are available.

(2) Truss Workbench by Fluid Concepts

The unique design of Truss, with variable height work surface and storage, accommodates both sitting and standing. And, the modern streamlined frame incorporates storage, power, and data. 

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(3) Orbit by Fluid Concepts

Similarly to Thinkpod, Orbit features a circular workstation for maximum access to desk space from a single chair. Connect them together in various configurations, with multiple divider options for privacy. 

(4) eO+ by Global Furniture

eO+ is a modular desking system, so you can customize a cubicle solution for your specific office needs and style. In addition, the wall mounted or free-standing panels give you flexibility in location. Choose convenient features like built in cork or dry erase boards, storage, and power bars. 

(5) Blade by Fluid Concepts

Blade workstations are a great cubicle option for an open office. The bright, modern accent colors and aluminum frame are stylish and contemporary. Wood finishes and divider panels are also available.

(6) Divide Panels by Global Furniture

Compatible with most of Global’s desking line, the Divide panels are an easy way to create more division between workspaces. Glazed, fabric, or laminate panels can be arranged on existing desking to convert it to semi-private. The panels are available in multiple heights and can be stacked for a completely custom look. 

(7) FreeFit by Global Furniture

FreeFit sit-to-stand worksurfaces are connected by laminate or glass panel dividers that adjust depending on the height of the desk. Therefore, this series makes a great choice for ergonomically minded companies that want to offer flexible seating options.

(8) StudioWorks by KI Furniture

StudioWorks is a modern take on the classic cubicle, starting with a revolutionary elevated panel design which allows for more airflow. This system is a sleek update on a semi-private workstation, perfect for any office.

(9) System 3000 Panel by KI Furniture

If you’re looking for a workhorse cubicle solution, look no further than System 3000. Its impressive steel frame, shelves, and overhead cabinets are built to last. However, the industrial feel is entirely modern and works with a variety of office styles.

(10) Runway by Fluid Concepts

Runway features an elegant design suited for high capacity data needs. The self-supporting frame allows for overhead lighting, divider panels, and storage. In addition, it easily integrates with other free standing components in the Fluid Concepts product line.


The Most Cost Effective Cubicle Solution – ReCube

ReCube is an environmentally safe, locally remanufactured option for cubicles.

With the wide range of styles and choices, it’s easy to become overwhelmed when making furniture decisions, but we can help. ROSI has over 25 years of experience in office design and furniture selection. We can help you choose the best cubicle solution for your business based on your unique needs and office space.

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