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8 Tips To Help You Maintain An Active And Healthy Desk Job


8 Tips To Help You Maintain An Active And Healthy Desk Job

8 Tips To Help You Maintain An Active And Healthy Desk Job

If you work in an office cubicle, like I do, you’re probably sitting there wondering what changes you can make to be a healthier you. For cubicle dwellers, the need to be healthy goes far beyond the desire to shed extra pounds. Did you know by having a desk job, you are at greater risk for cardiovascular disease? You may have heard before that “sitting disease” is a real issue – an office epidemic. But the good news is, you don’t have be at risk if you make a conscious effort to change a few things. In fact, you could still lose weight and reach health goals all while keeping your desk job. Here are 8 tips to help you maintain an active and healthy desk job lifestyle:

Lose Your Chair. If you haven’t purchased your standing desk yet, you can still make effort to stand while working. Stand up while you are on a phone call or initiate a “walking” meeting with a colleague. Standing kicks your metabolism into high gear, increasing blood flow, productivity and cognitive focus.

Use a Moveable Footrest. It’s a great idea to prop your feet on a footrest for simple ergonomics. A footrest that tilts, turns, and slides will keep your lower body busy and your metabolism high without losing your breath or focus.

Bring your Workout Clothes. You won’t be able to make it on time to that after-work Zumba class if you find yourself running behind schedule. Decrease the obstacles that prevent you from being active. Always bring your workout clothes and shoes to work with you.

Set a Timer. The longer you sit, the greater your risk for developing cardiac or metabolic diseases. A timer will remind you to get moving, even if it’s a trip to the water fountain. Use your smart phone to set a timer, or you can purchase a wearable fitness device that will alert you when it’s time to move!

Do Desk Stretches. After sitting a period of time, it’s important for you to do some desk stretches. If you type on a keyboard for a long stretch of time, give your hands, wrists, and tendons some relief. Grab a stress ball and squeeze. Open and close your hands into fists. Move your wrists in a circular motion. Roll your neck slowly front to back and move your shoulders up and down to give your muscles a nice tension release.

Take A Break to Exercise at Your Desk. All you need is ten minutes to go through these easy desk exercises. Encourage your office cubicle mates to join in.

Take the Stairs. If you have the option, take the stairs. Even if you don’t need to take the stairs do it anyway. Stair climbing is great for strengthening muscles in your legs and also has great cardiovascular benefits.

Pack Your Snacks, Resist the Vending Machine.  Lastly, and most importantly, watch your diet. Skip the vending machine but don’t skip snacks all together. Pack some food from home with a balance of nutrients like protein, complex carbohydrates and good fats. An example is cut up fresh veggies with black bean dip and a homemade guacamole.


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