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8 Ways To Modernize Your Office Cubicle


8 Ways To Modernize Your Office Cubicle

8 Ways To Modernize Your Office Cubicle

If you’re like much of the world, you spend about forty hours a week sitting in a neutral colored gray box. The standard office cubicle may not be pretty however, there isn’t a rule that your cube has to feel like a jail cell. In fact, if you focus some decorating effort into making your office cubicle a pleasant place, you’ll find that you like being at work a whole lot better. Here are 8 ways to modernize your office cubicle (given your office management will allow it) into a more relaxing and inviting space.

Lighting: You’re probably tired of reading ROSI Office Systems blogs about the importance of good lighting, but it is hands down the number one way to make your space feel more personable, alive and easier on your eyes. If your office desk doesn’t have room for a table lamp, try a desk mounted swing arm that will give the same effect without taking up precious space.

Rearrange: Sometimes a change of scenery is all you need to feel refreshed. Most of the time you spend your days staring at your computer in front of a flat fabric cubicle wall. Try moving your computer monitor so you can face the entrance to your office cubicle. Not only does it give you a new perspective, it also feels less claustrophobic.

Plants: Bring a little of the outdoors – indoors. Natural elements in the workspace are always a good thing. Try to avoid plants with too much pollen or a strong smell. If your workplace doesn’t allow live plants, you can try hanging framed photographs of plants around on the walls.

Raise Your Computer: Sitting at your desk for too long may cause sitting disease. To prevent this, raise your computer monitor up! Not only will standing while you work help you get more exercise, it is actually better and more ergonomic for your body. You can request a fully operational standing desk or choose a modified unit that is simply mounted to the top of your existing desk.

Desk Toy: Fun, nerdy desk toys allow you to express yourself and may even help strike up some interesting conversations with your coworkers. Desk toys play an influential role in maintaining the emotional well-being of their owners and may even help relieve some stress, which can make your work day more productive and interactive.

Bring Something From Home: A touch of home may be just what you need to feel more comfortable in your office cubicle. Photographs of family and friends, perhaps a mug or souvenir, or gifts from family members on the desk will work wonders getting you over the midweek hump. Choose something from home that has meaning to you.

Motivational Materials: When you personalize your office cubicle, consider hanging a few positive quotes on the wall. Graphic design has come a long way since the days of old office motivational posters, so choose your favorites and make them your mantras.

Add Color: Spruce your office cubicle up with some color! Adding things like wallpaper or a fun pattern of fabric to the walls of your cubicle can be easily done with just a few supplies. If you don’t want to make that big of a commitment, adding accessories such as colored or funky pen holders, staplers and tape dispensers can add the same flare.


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