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Are Standing Desks Still Popular?

Standing Office Desks from ROSI Office Systems

Why are Standing Desks Popular?

The odds are good that you are familiar with standing desks; in fact, you probably know at least a few people who say making the switch was a big part of improving their overall work environment. And if you’re anything like most people who are thinking about using a standing desk, you might wonder whether these unique desks are set to become office furniture staples or are just another trend.

In this useful resource, we’re breaking down everything you need to know about standing desks, answering common questions such as:

  • Why have standing desks become so popular?
  • What are the benefits of using a standing desk vs. a sitting?
  • Should I get a standing desk?

Why are Standing Desks So Popular?

Plenty of people are curious about the conversations surrounding standing desks and are interested in figuring out exactly why standing desks are suddenly showing up in offices all over. 

Interestingly, the concept of standing while completing desk work isn’t anything new. Some even say that Leonardo da Vinci used a standing desk while sketching new invention ideas – yet another way that he was one of the true innovators of his time. 

Of course, many people wonder if standing desks are really worth all the hype. But once you understand the advantages of using a standing desk, especially in the context of what we’re learning about workplace well-being, it’s easy to see why standing desks are on the rise. 

Here are just a few reasons why standing desks have become so popular in recent years:

  • A growing number of people are taking charge of their health and wellness, which includes searching for ways to make smart improvements to their work habits. 
  • A rapidly increasing body of research highlights a sedentary lifestyle’s short- and long-term risks.
  • People observe the measurable benefits of using a standing desk and share their experiences with colleagues, friends, and family members.
  • Many more options are available, including various affordable standing desks, adjustable height desks, sit-stand converters and workstations, and others.

Stand Up Desks from ROSI Office Systems

What are the Benefits of Standing Desks?

Let’s take a closer look at how a standing desk benefits your overall well-being, including what science has to say.

Provide a small boost to your daily activity levels

Incorporating more standing vs. sitting time into your everyday routine may not seem groundbreaking, but the old adage is true: every little bit helps. By reducing the amount of time you spend seated, a standing desk can be a small but meaningful improvement to your overall activity level. 

Doctors know that extended periods of sitting are linked to an increased risk of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and even premature death. So, experts believe it is safe to assume that using a standing desk (and thus, breaking up the long hours of sitting in your office chair) can potentially reduce those risks. 

Relieve excess tension

Most of us don’t even realize when we’re carrying extra tension in our bodies, but we’re sure to feel its effects afterward. Standing can be a welcome change from sitting, giving you the opportunity to more frequently move positions – which, in turn, lets you be more aware of your body and the tension you might be holding. 

Cutting down on tension can have a positive domino effect, reducing chronic pain in areas such as your neck and shoulders. 

Elevate confidence

Did you know that your posture can play a role in how you feel on an emotional level? Research has found that your brain pays attention to your body’s positioning and that certain postures can create more (or less) confident feelings. These poses, which include standing upright, help boost confidence and energy while decreasing stress hormones. 

Improve work performance

So, if you’re feeling more confident, less tense, and in better physical health, it stands to reason that you will perform better at work – and science supports this idea. Researchers found that workers who used a sit-stand desk were more engaged and higher performing, reporting measurable improvements over a few weeks.

Myths about Standing Desks

Now that we’ve covered some of the facts about standing desks let’s debunk some of the most common misconceptions.

It’s best to stand up all day.

Much like sitting all day long, standing for hours isn’t the best option for your health. Using a standing desk does not mean remaining in a standing position for the entirety of your workday. Rather, consider using an adjustable height desk to switch between sitting and standing. Or, add a standing desk to your workspace while keeping a spot where you can sit when you like.

Standing desks are a pricey gimmick.

Up until a few years ago, your options for standing desks were limited to extremely expensive and oversized designs. But now, a wealth of accessible, budget-friendly products has arrived on the market. 

You can still find impeccably engineered standing desks that can be adjusted with just the press of a button, which is well-priced but more of an investment. On the other hand, if you’re looking to keep costs down, a basic sit-to-stand desktop workstation offers an impressively affordable way to reap all of the standing desk benefits.

Standing desks don’t actually do anything for your health.

Without question, one of the most-asked questions about standing desks is, “Are standing desks good for you?” Understandably, many people want to know if all of the buzz is actually well-deserved – and it’s a common myth that standing desks don’t have an actual positive impact on your well-being. 

As we’ve discussed, there is legitimate research supporting the benefits of standing desks. Beyond that, the majority of people that use stand-up desks will happily report their excellent experiences.

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