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Foods That Boost Productivity


Foods That Boost Productivity

Foods That Boost Productivity

Diet plays an important role in overall health, but especially brain health. Eating well can boost not only your mood, but also your productivity at work. If you’re looking for some healthy brain food to bring to the office, look no further!


It’s getting to be that time of year where fresh berries are delicious, and usually at a great price! Bring a bowl of your favorite blend to work or use them in your breakfast to start the day. All varieties contain potent antioxidants that are great for memory, motor coordination, and reasoning. They also contain gallic acid, which protects the brain from the effects of stress.


Nuts in general are a great source of protein and healthy fats, but walnuts in particular have some extra special benefits. They contain some highly powerful antioxidants that are found in only a handful of foods. Other compounds like vitamin E, melatonin, and folate support brain health.


Avocados are technically a fruit and this gem is the high in protein and low in sugar. They contain healthy fat that helps to stabilize blood sugar – meaning you’re less likely to suffer that afternoon slump in energy. Vitamin K and folate improve concentration.

Dark Chocolate

Yes, I said chocolate! Well, in moderation. But chocolate also contains those beneficial antioxidants that protect your brain. It drives the production of endorphins – those “feel good” hormones. Chocolate also contains some caffeine, which has been shown to help concentration in small amounts. 


Most importantly, water is the very foundation of life! Don’t forget to stay hydrated. Water improves blood flow to the brain, which increases your ability to concentrate on the task at hand.

Keeping your desk area and fridge (or cooler) stocked with these brain boosting treats will help you stay on track throughout the day at work.

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